Crème de la chem #2


About a week behind #1


Day 26 (Week 4)


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Day: 26

Looks good today..bent over main cola to open her up a bit

a day ago

Day: 25

Looks to be doing fine..

2 days ago

Day: 24

Girl got fed a half gallon of food today..from now on will be fed by tube

3 days ago

Day: 23

Looks strong..did a slight bend on her today to open up some of the new shoots

4 days ago

Day: 21

Girl is starting to stretch out a lil bit..looks healthy

6 days ago

Day: 19

This girl perked up today and looks to be growing taller than her sister..moved her a little bit closer..par right around 400

7 days ago

Day: 18

Nothing new..gave 4 cups of recharge today

8 days ago

Day: 16

Still slowly moving

10 days ago

Day: 15

Girl looks to be doing well..perked up today

11 days ago

Day: 14

Got a little burn on the tips but looks ok..fed about 4 cups of food today

12 days ago

Day: 13

She looks to be ok..will get fed tomorrow

13 days ago

Day: 12

She appears to be doing a lil bigger today

14 days ago

Day: 11

Girl is slowly coming along..I fed to early so I’m gonna let her dry before the next feeding

15 days ago

Day: 9

Got fed 2 cup’s today..just like the other girl..slowly moving but moving

17 days ago

Day: 8

Seems to be doing well after being fed

19 days ago

Day: 7

Got her first feeding today..fed two cups

20 days ago

Day: 6

Looks like it’s thriving so far

22 days ago

Day: 5

Looking ok

23 days ago

Day: 4

Seems to be good 👍🏾

24 days ago

Day: 3

Moving fast

25 days ago

Day: 2

Girl got a little bigger today..seems to be ok

a month ago

Day: 1

Had to plant this seed straight in the dirt after mishandling a previous seedling..she popped after about 3 days and looks to be doing fine

a month ago