White Widow Auto


One seed popped 1/14/2023 and was planted in 50/50 FFOF and Roots Organic with 2 cups perlite per gallon in a 3 gallon air pot.

White Widow Auto Fem

Day 15 (Week 3)


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Day: 15

She seems happy, leaves looked like they were tacoing/ praying hard when the lights came on, but she doesn’t seem to have any issues. Shoots are growing long and stemmy and overall vegging looks like it’s speeding up. Bent her a little to begin lst.

7 hours ago

Day: 14

We looked very happy and excited at lights on today! Did a little leaning on her for the new side shoots. Gave a full water till run off and then some in the surrounding area. About a quarter of a gallon was all she needed. The water also had maybe a half a teaspoon of mycorrhizae. And I rotated the pot

2 days ago

Day: 13


She looks happy! She’s showing her first side shoots too! Waiting another day before watering. Humidity has been a consistent 60%. I lowered the lights to 20” instead of 24”. The pat reading went from about 200 to 320. Which is weird because the other light reads 360 at the same distance. Added co2 and left her alone. I went back and lowered her light specifically. Her light is now at 18” to read about 420 par to match with the crit mass. Maybe this is why she was leaning towards the more powerful light?

3 days ago

Day: 12

Looking great! Got the humidifier today and it’s a consistent 55%-60% rh! Very happy girl! She’s showing shoots from the lower nodes! LST soon. Fans on maybe 60% along with lights 60% still. One vent open and no exhaust.

3 days ago

Day: 11

Her tqcoing calmed tf down thank god. She’s leaning toward the other light, I wonder why? She came in a lil crooked but she’s continuing the curve. Lots of growth on the second level, humidity was around 47% all day because the humidifier didn’t show up yet. Squirted a lil co2 at lights on. Added a shelf to the tent to germinate on the side.

4 days ago


Caliban They constantly turn with breeze and light strength. Rotation helps and an indirect fan strengthens the stem. They look 👍

Day: 10

I gave her a good watering and topped off with a little mycorrhizae mixed in water. Lately I’ve been spraying the leaves a little as well. The color looks like it should, but the top leaves were tacoing. She relaxed after the watering and I closed a vent on one side to bring the RH up to 50%. May try some lst tomorrow. Should you lst just before lights out? Or just before lights on? 🤔

5 days ago

Day: 9

Everything looks a healthy hue of green still. Lights are curling a little, but hopefully this added humidity helps lower that. Sprayed the soil and leaves lightly with water and CO2. Getting a humidifier soon but the rh has been ~40% all day and ~78 degrees. Lights at 60% and still 18/6

6 days ago

Day: 8


Nothing to report besides we’re looking healthy and we’re showing the first three pointers! She is loving her environment entirely! Soil is still moist. Trying sponges in a tray of water to fix the humidity, moved the fans closer to the tray. So far with the lights at 60% the temp stays at ~79F and humidity sadly at 32%.

7 days ago


Caliban Add a small humidifier. You won’t regret a $20 spend.


ZaddyXL I’m looking as we speak, got one you recommend? I’m looking for one that you can set what % you want and it’ll turn on and off to maintain that level


Caliban Just a cheap one with a dial. Mine holds 1g. I think I got it locally at Walmart.

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Day: 7

She did wonderful with the 50% light. Gave her a full watering till dripping, removed the jar, and turned lights up to 60%. Next watering I would like to get the roots to start reaching

9 days ago

Day: 6

The extra 20% of light (60%) added heat. She took the light shift like a champ! She’s very resilient thus far unlike crit mass who seems a little more sensitive to temps and moisture. I had to add moisture to the jars since the exhaust and fans were on a lot to deal with the heat. Lowered the light to 50% for today’s run since I won’t be able to tend to them till tomorrow. Soil seems moist enough for a dry spell, hopefully this isn’t the wrong call. Sprayed the soil lightly.

10 days ago

Day: 5


I lifted the jar since the critical mass was showing signs of distress and I got nervous. She got so happy! Look how perky she is! No water and keeping the jar lifted. Raised the lights to 60% and they both responded well. The extra 20% however is adding some heat so I added the exhaust and dual fans with a cup of water and paper towel for moisture now that air is moving.

11 days ago

Day: 4


I moved the thermo probe to the level of these lil dudes. It was about a degree difference. Grew a bit over the blackout. Does not need watering! She looks happy! Wondering when I should turn the lights up, rn at 40% @100W light. I also added a 2 second squirt of co2 from the tank into the jar before placing it down. I doubt it’s doing anything, but we’ll see!

12 days ago

Day: 3

She seems to be happy with the jar

12 days ago

Day: 2

Gave her a full watering today since the media looked and felt dry. Also added the mason jars for humidity per suggestion from kushstreams

14 days ago

Day: 1

We broke soil!

15 days ago

Day: 0



16 days ago