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All advice and tips are appreciated

I’m new to growing. I have my plant currently getting light by a small light bulb (60w Halogen Blue) Light schedule is 20 on / 4 off Any advice/ tips are appreciated (I’m going to move my plant outside when it’s warm enough) I’m currently looking too for a cheap and efficient tent and led light What’s the perfect Wattage? and do any one have any recommendations? Thanks!

Mystery seed

Day 17 (Week 3)

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Day: 17

Hate to break it to y’all but obviously i wasn’t prepared for this grow and she sadly died

4 years ago

Xxbadmonkie Dang sucks to hear man I got one of mine up I just harvested trimming it right now on mine if ya wanna check it out

Aviaationx For sure what’s the name?

Day: 14

Sorry for not posting for a while, I’ve been quite busy with some home cleaning I’m happy to say it seems the leaves are finally fanning apart and a second pair are growing 24hr for light Thanks again to all that have helped me !

4 years ago

CrAzYsTe Hi! The light is not enought for grow.. how mouch plants and place you have?

Aviaationx I’m looking to transfer this plant outside shortly when weather is better

CrAzYsTe Good job! 👍🏻

Day: 11

Just wanted to say thank you guys so much for the help and tips. All though money is short right now due to the covid-19 virus i’ll make sure to get those lights and other supplies like you guys mentioned. Thanks again to Xxbadmonkie, Lilcam25, And Dazz82 for all the new information for me to take in! 20/4 also moved the plant about 3 inches higher (about 5 inches away now) Also here are the ferts i’m hoping to use (check pictures)

4 years ago

Xxbadmonkie No problem buddy keep posting let us know how it goes I’m about to harvest two plants on my end in 5 days auto flowers looking to get over a pound off two plants hopefully next grow I’ll be doing pound per plant

Day: 10

Plant is about 2” 1/2 tall, Still need to fix the stretch in the plant. 20/4

4 years ago

Xxbadmonkie What type of light are you using what are you going to use nutes dry or liquid nutes

Xxbadmonkie Nvm I just now seen the light and stuff in profile I’f you have to keep it cheap when your indoors get shop light with 2700 blue bulb and 6000 kelvin orange bulb u believe it is t8 or t5 way stronger or go get 150 200 watt hid anyways what ever light ya use what soil you using a great one is fox farm happy frog especially for veg but you’ll also want fertilizer but you’ll have to decide dry amendments or liquid nutes which dry admendments is organic route way easier don’t have to worry about ppm as much but still have a ph meter also get dolomite lime to put in soil keeps the ph in perfect range for soil so to start out only so soil when plant sprouts let it go 3 weeks only soil and water then after 3 weeks add 10tbs of veg dry amendments work it into soil water for 4 to 5 weeks add 10 more tbs of dry amendments water 4 to 5 weeks then depending if you stay in veg or go to flower if go to flower then add your 5Tbs of flower dry amendments and 5tbs of veg dry amendments because it’s first part of flowering it uses more nitrogen then water for 5 weeks then add 10 TVs of only flower dry amendments water the last 6 weeks it will run out plants ready to chop down hang for 7 days then jar it up if using liquid nuts will be water nutes water nutes or water water nutes after 3 weeks of only soil same thing only use veg nutes then veg flowering together then just flowering there’s schedules of liquid and dry on YouTube

Xxbadmonkie You want to water about every 3 to 4 days when using soils like that one try not to over water fungus and fruit gnats love that make sure your pots are dry and light before you water so if it’s not because using weaker lights like that wait till it’s dry before you water

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Day: 9

She going well I think 20/4 Any advice/tips are appreciated

4 years ago

Dropthebass What kind of lights? Looks like they are stretching. Try lowering you lights.

Aviaationx Yeah I thought so yet, I’m using a crappy 60w halogen grow light.

Aviaationx I have it about 6-7 inches away from it

Day: 8

Light schedule is 20/4

4 years ago

GiantBud Consider taking the bag cover off so it can dry out.

GiantBud It looks good! Don’t let it “damp off”.

Aviaationx Ah ok, Thanks for the information!