OG Kush i

Summer 2022

Two OG KUSH plats 21 Days or 3 Weeks old growing well in ALL MIX BIOBIS with one feed a week and water everyday 1L Daily


Day 53 (Week 8)


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Day: 53

53 day

2 days ago

Day: 46

These girls are still in veg at 46days old. Topped and trined again a lot more this time

9 days ago

Day: 44


More stress training plus cutting also made a cutting/clone

11 days ago

Day: 42

Daily schedule for coming weeks into veg 6 weeks going to keep into veg till 10 weeks as they are small still then switch them over to 12/12 daily

14 days ago

Day: 42

Tide down the big stems to access the light to the smaller stems and flowers to make them grow more as you can see in photos these are 6 weeks old into veg stage OG KUSH x2

14 days ago

Day: 40

Trimming day of big fan leaves DAY 40

15 days ago

kiejh98 These are 5 Weeks 5 Days on the 14th September 2022

Day: 40

Trimming day of fan leaves DAY40 Plant2

15 days ago

Day: 39

Still on 24h lights no feed yet

16 days ago

Day: 39

Still on 24h lights water when half finger deep not wet so around every 2/3 days 4+ weeks into veg

16 days ago

kiejh98 Plant one

Day: 21

Transfer into bigger plots From Cup Size to 30cm pots in a all mix biobis mixture

a month ago