Penelope ‘Pen’ Pineapple Express

Summer 2021

The Armoire // Ocean Forest // Stoned Dust // Fish Sh!t // Green Sensation

Pineapple Express - Fast Buds Auto

Day 83 (Week 12)

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Day: 83

Jarring day!

2 years ago


bkganja 👏🏼👏🏼

Day: 73


Trimming and flushing! She smells so good!

2 years ago

Day: 64

Amber trichs are appearing and it’s starting to look like fall! We will see how she looks this weekend. May start flushing next week and prepare for harvest.

2 years ago

Day: 60

Getting hard to estimate, thought we were nearing 2 weeks till harvest last week. However I have yet to spot an amber trich. Buds are getting nice and fat! Increased PK to 6ml per gallon

2 years ago


kevywoods Increase PK? Is that both (Phosphate) and (potash)(K)?

BVR It’s a PK booster I am using. Green Sensation

⚖️Golden Ratio 🧬

⚖️Golden Ratio 🧬 Wow this is one of the best photos in a special lightning conditions, very special… 🤩

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Day: 54

About 2 weeks left on her journey! A lot of cloudy trichs but still a bunch of clear, no amber yet.

2 years ago


PeeJay856 Looking nice


mr.weedman Looking good! I'd clean up the lower half of the plant by defoliating and snipping small sucker buds that don't see much light just to get some better air flow for bigger top buds

Day: 48

Buds are getting thicker

2 years ago

Day: 43

2500ml of water! She’s thirty! Flower is looking good and starting to lose some lower leaves.

2 years ago


mr.weedman Some real pretty praying ladies🙏🏼


xound Wow it looks like the plant is dancing in some weird trance following the light 💡 Amazing shot brother 🤩

whojahute How far are the lights from the canopy bro?? And is the light at full power??

Day: 40

Increased booster to 4ml per gallon

2 years ago

Day: 38

Rotated // Introducing Booster tomorrow 2ml per gallon at first

2 years ago

Day: 36

Rotated and gave more water. Going to start PK booster in the next few days.

2 years ago

Day: 34

She has been really thirsty. Almost 1500ml a day!

2 years ago


xound Wow that’s some beast ! How much humidity you got in there ?

BVR Typically in the 50s


xound I see, she is already flowering so humidity is not as high same as the vegetable state 🪴

Day: 32

Watering day! She’s also starting to flower!

2 years ago

chinupmydear hooray!!!

Day: 29

Added Epsom Salt and Stoned Dust

2 years ago

Day: 27

1 day after LST! Branch that snapped is still looking good!

2 years ago

Day: 26

LST done, broke a bud site but it may still hold on

2 years ago

Day: 24

Watering day, almost ready for LST.

2 years ago

Day: 22

Watering day

2 years ago

Day: 20

Lots more new growth, added Epsom salt to watering for today. Looking to LST hopefully by weeks end.

2 years ago

Day: 18

Bunch new foliage!

2 years ago


MfnShaggy This looks so cute and simple . Yet complex . :( can you email me a list of what you did and what you used perhaps ? I’m really intrigued ..


MfnShaggy My email is , just trying to keep it simple . I’m really trying to learn but I haven’t been able to teach myself quite yet yo .

BVR I purchased The Armoire back in October. This is my second plant ever (and in this unit) and the first yield was easily around 3oz for 1 auto seed. Def check it out, everything you need minus the seeds, soil, and water nutrients. Nutrient wise right now only use Fish Sh!t (actual product) with normal watering. Once in flower, I will be using Green Sensation.

Day: 15

FS increased to 6ml/gal

2 years ago

Day: 12

Watering day! Increased Fish Sh!t to 6ml/gal

2 years ago

Day: 10

500ml Epsom Salt Mix (1TSP/1gal)

2 years ago

Day: 8

Sprout is moving along great!

2 years ago

Day: 6

She’s doing very well

2 years ago


SHG 👊🔥🙌

Day: 4

Second set of leaves starting, going to increase Fish Sh!t to 6ml per gal in the next few days

3 years ago


SHG 🔥🙌

Day: 3

Added water to keep soil moist

3 years ago

Day: 2

Sprout progress… added 250ml (4ml/1gal Fish Sh!t)

3 years ago

Day: 1

She sprouted! Added 500ml mixture (4ml/1gal Fish Sh!t)

3 years ago