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Started with 3 plants, down to 2.

Humboldt Genetics

Day 68 (Week 10)

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Day: 68

Can't figure out why the leaves are curling? Lowered the power on the light so far.

3 years ago


combatmedic81 Could be ph lockout? Do you ph your water?

Aaron805 Yeah I do, but I use 1 gallon of nutrients and another of just deficiency healer and water and divide it between both plants. I think I'm going to try to individually set their own gallon. If that makes any sense.


SpacemanGrows They’re way overwatered and over fed. Has nothing to do with the light at this point. You probably don’t want to hear this, but it’s time to cut bait and start over. It will take them at least a month to recover, if they ever truly do.

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Day: 61

They’ve been growing too big. I think I really need to be more consistent on watering and feeding, Tuesdays and Saturdays are feeding days. I desperately need a tent. I have been enjoying the overall progress of this experience. Please feel free to leave advice, it will be appreciated.

3 years ago


octonion Hi….to me they look leggy and sparse from not enough light. Some training earlier might have helped. Looks like a closet….what kind of lighting?

Aaron805 Yes, it is a closet, only space I really had available. I should have trained earlier thats for sure. I use the Spider Farmer 1000.

Aaron805 At this point, I am a bit lost. I just turned the light to 50 and the photoperiod to 12/12.

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Day: 38


Left on Vacation for a week and came back to these leaves, they grew and got too close to the light, or nutrient burn, but I still cant figure out the reason.

3 years ago


newyorkk Looks like a deficiency

Aaron805 Deficiency in what aspect? Ive been giving them some calcium as well.

Day: 28

Started doing the LST. Still figuring out somethings, but the fan leaves seem to be covering most of the light from the lower leaves. Does anybody recommend removing the fan leaves? Left plant has most of the problem.

3 years ago


Zeyberlin You should pull her down more to expose the bottom growth.


Zeyberlin Are you able to afford a tent much easier to control environment. You need a fresh air exchange. Are you okay with a flowering smell. Would be very hard to cover smell in closet with out a carbon filter.


Zeyberlin I got a a spider farmer sf1000 kit off Amazon. Comes with light straps carbon filter hygrometer with temp and a light timer tent 2x2x55 for less then $340. Or you can start with just tent for $60

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Day: 24

Is this normal? First set of fan leaves curls and had small holes. Cut them off.

3 years ago


Zeyberlin How hot is your grow spot?

Aaron805 81 degrees has been the highest.


Zeyberlin Humidity

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Day: 24

Overall so far

3 years ago

Day: 24


3 years ago

Day: 24

What does this mean?

3 years ago

sweet Leaf

sweet Leaf Just looks like new growth.

Aaron805 Just put a better picture m.

sweet Leaf

sweet Leaf Weird growth sometimes happens if the plant has gone into re-veg. If the 12/12 light cycle gets interrupted. Looks like you haven’t got to flower yet, photo’s or auto’s? If that’s not it, probably just a mutation. Normal in nature.

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Day: 16

Appreciate any advice!

3 years ago