London bridge (round 2)

Summer 2018

4 cuttings that I rooted in oxygenated water. Transferred to soil mix.


Day 99 (Week 15)

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Day: 99

Tied down a little bit more, still minimal though. Took some leaves off that were blocking light. They’re sooo bushy.. and old. Needs transplant

4 years ago

Day: 74


Aug 20 Let a bud take some cuttings yesterday to preserve the strain for me. Theyre stretching right now I think as the days get shorter

4 years ago

Day: 61


They seem to like the compost mixture so far, obviously. Hasn’t been any issues besides how old they are now lol will need bigger pots soon.

4 years ago

Day: 54

Finally brought the 2 stronger clones to my place. Transplanted 2 days ago with mostly compost. Tied them down yesterday some & this morning. Growth is surging under the direct sun and with the compost.

4 years ago

Day: 18

Watered straight today until I had a little run-off. bent the small guy. Plucked some frigged leaves.

4 years ago

Jonathan123 Hi I see you are growing by your window. I have just started growing and would like to get some advise.

Day: 13

Watered straight today

4 years ago

Rinfante93 Why do you put the clay pebbles with the soil? My friend told me to do that as well.. is it to reduce overwatering?

gabedn @rinfante93 helps a little bit during watering by protecting the soil from getting all trenched down

Day: 9

Night temps go down to 60 sometimes I’m guessing, but they don’t mind too much. Some purple stems but that’s all I can see. No pests 🤞 Just feeding moderately with sensigrow, B52, rapid start and ph+. Im moving end of the month though, luckily I found a place I can grow as well.

4 years ago

Day: 1

Transplanted to 1 gallons, except the small one is in 0.5 gallon. Recycled the soil from previous grow and left them on my balcony. I’ll need a humidistat to monitor the environment. They’re happy but they’ve been rooting for like 2 months already lol I’m just going to treat them as if today is there first real day of veg state.

4 years ago