Mephisto’s wedding

Christmas girls

Started 2 girls in the 2x4 while conditions are ideal in gro buckets..

Mephisto’s wedding auto

Day 78 (Week 12)


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Day: 78

This girl has been battling and is super frosty..small but frosty..feeding nothing but ph water now

6 months ago


AlwaysBoofing Looks beautiful. Great job!!

TrippyT I am growing a meph wedding x 4am freebie rn and they definitely run small i did some research and meph wedding is just a smaller plant, fade looks beautiful

topfloorgrower Thanks and yeah I know they are usually small but I know i could’ve grew it better..but much appreciated

Day: 60

One is really frosty but stopped growing awhile ago so she’ll be small ..the other one stayed small but is staying bushy..I mentioned what was going on with them and how I thought I burned them to the owner of my local hydro store and he suggested feeding more I’m trying that..I haven’t been feeding them much so he suggested maybe they need more food..let’s see 😬

7 months ago

Snowy Roads

Snowy Roads More food/nutes?? Do you trust this guy? Is he just trying to sell you more products?

topfloorgrower Well I didn’t buy nutes from him but he suggested it because I really hadn’t been feeding many nutes, really just ph’d water..also where we live the weather has been really fluctuating. He mentioned that he had a similar issue and fed a little bit more and the plants needed it

Day: 47

Girls got fed about 3/4 a gallon with some light nutes today..a couple of the fam leaves on both are having deficiencies so hopefully it’s not anything serious

8 months ago

Day: 45

Girls are both growing weird..the one that mutated from the ground is staying short and bushy and the other one is growing straight up..I even lst’d the main branch and it still going up..very healthy though..I’m gonna wait until the food is completely gone to feed because for some odd reason the soil is staying moist..wanna see if the soil will start to dry if it gets hungry..we shall see! These buckets are very interesting..I think I’ll go back to fabric pots after these girls..much easier to manage

8 months ago

Day: 40

Look to be well after straight water and turning the light down a little

8 months ago

Day: 39

Fed girls straight ph’d water today..about 3/4 a gallon..the tips of the leaves are still curling down..but they are still growing

8 months ago

Day: 37

Had to strip a few fan leaves on the girl who grew from the dirt and bent over the tall girl because she is growing up towards the light fast

8 months ago

Day: 36

Noticed a little curling of the tips of a few leaves..turned down the intensity of the light to 50% and next feeding will be ph’d water..other than that they are doing is growing straight up while one is bushy..literally growing out of the dirt

8 months ago

Day: 35

Girls got fed about 3/4 of a gallon today..they are progressing really well

8 months ago

Day: 33

Girls are looking healthy and eating fast..the fan leaves are as big as my hand

8 months ago

Day: 31

These girls took off over night..drank most of the food given yesterday..and just doubled in size 😬😂..edit, actually fed a little less than half a gallon recharge due to them drinking so much in a two day raised the measuring stick to the third dial on both

8 months ago


chris420_ Awesome ive never seen that measuring system before looks pretty cool how does it work?

topfloorgrower It’s called gro-bucket..I’m kinda testing it out but you feed though the hole that green piece is in..that green tab measures how much water/food is left and how much you feed..this run it’s working pretty well

Day: 30

Girls are starting to take off and are in pre flower..fed about 3/4 of a gallon straight into the feeding tube yesterday so let’s see if the roots will start drinking now..also the bigger one actually has the stalk somewhat buried in the dirt..very interesting it grew like and s

8 months ago


ZaddyXL I’m not going to lie I’ve been fascinated for the last 10 min with how you shape your plants, they’re such a small size and manageable, that’s kind of what I’m looking for so I can do multiple genetics. They look great!

topfloorgrower Appreciate’s fun to grow different genetics but the size almost times has to do with the weather and just working with what I can

Day: 24

Girl appear to be healthy so far..fed about a half gallon down the tube and about a little under half to the soil..hopefully the roots will reach down to find the water soon

8 months ago


walty You’re off to a great start. Getting ready to try my first Grobucket this week (seed just soaked). Are you growing in coco or soil? Looking forward to following along.

topfloorgrower @walty it is soil..this is my second run with the grow bucket and this time is going much better..something I learned from the first grow was that the root’s really clogged up the bottom so if you haven’t started yet you may want to add a bottom layer of stones or something so the roots can reach the bottom..other than that it’s a cool option..hope yours grows well too


walty Thank you for the advice! Best of luck!

Day: 23

Girl are growing faster now..will get another feeding tomorrow..appear healthy so far!

8 months ago

Day: 16

Girls are slowly coming along..gave first feeding today (2 cups) and also poured 2 1/2 cups down the feeding tube..wanna see if the roots start reaching and eating

9 months ago

Day: 12

Girls got fed about two cups of 6.4 ph’d water..gonna hold off on the bites for now

9 months ago

Day: 8

Girl are doing well..getting a little signs of any more stress which is good

9 months ago

Day: 4

Girl look to be progressing

9 months ago

Day: 1

Girls popped out without issues and seem to be doing fine right now

9 months ago