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GreenLife Craft Cannabis


Fall 2022

Finally sprouted. Waiting on the 3rd to pop

Mephisto’s Wedding

Day 80 (Week 12)


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Day: 80

One of the lower leafy buds but man it still looks amazing

a year ago

budmanEric Yes it does! Good job!

taopathway Only 80 days darn that's frosty

Day: 76

The cake is out of the oven!!! This weddding cake finished beautifully!

a year ago

Day: 66

Almost ready!!!

a year ago

Day: 59

These bitches are funky AF!! #WeddingCake #Mephisto

a year ago


Gaharvest Looks awesome 👍🏻👊🏻

Day: 56

This is the healthiest one by far. I think I put to much grow dots in the others.

a year ago

Day: 45

TRICHOMES coming in

a year ago

Day: 35


a year ago

Day: 31

These plants are much smaller than the last 2 runs. Hoping they gain some size these next couple of weeks

a year ago

mr420guy Hey bud how high do you have your lights and do you go by ppfd

Day: 26

I may have had soil that’s too hot or overwatered at some point because these babies are small

a year ago


Reale910 What strains? How big is the bag?

Day: 24

They are some stout ones not a lot of height on these ladies. Thinking maybe I should raise the light a bit

a year ago

Day: 15


Started LST on the two that popped first. May have been a little too early but hey….it’s worth a shot

a year ago

Day: 9

Slow going

a year ago

seanochoa90 Drop your light some bud. If you can control the heat aim for like 16” away

Day: 5

The 3rd one finally popped yesterday. Also got done drying the last harvest in my 4x4 so I was able to move the girl over to the big tent. I also kept the trellis net attached and am planning on seeing how I can utilize it this grow-around. ⬅️ I made that up 🤣

a year ago

Day: 0

Finally popped!

a year ago