Mango smile #2

Grow bucket grow

Second time growing this plant..first time came out fire! Growing in grow bucket this time hoping for the same!


Day 75 (Week 11)


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Day: 75

This girl might get the chop tonight..gonna check trichomes and see..smells amazing and super dense, rock solid..but small lol

8 months ago

Day: 71

Though small she is frosty and great smelling..nugs are very dense to

8 months ago

Day: 68


Super frosty..smells delicious and super dense..just grew small! She is almost done..some areas of the plant are further along than others so I’m going to let her go a little bit longer..hopefully at least a week

9 months ago

Day: 67

This girl is almost done..smells amazing..nice hard nugs..checked the trichomes yesterday and still not quite ready..she will be small

9 months ago

Day: 62

Girl is small but smells amazing and super sticky..I’ll take what I can get with all the weather issues she has been through

9 months ago


trizzle2011 What is device chillin in the pots?


Leland3471 I was just wondering the same. Some kinda watering device?

topfloorgrower It’s a self feeding device called gro testing them out to see if I like it better than pots

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Day: 55

It’s confirmed I’m stunted her..she just going to be small ..smells amazing though

9 months ago

Day: 49

Looking ok today..she will be one big bud

9 months ago

Day: 48

This girl smells amazing..starting to form the top bud which has sugar all over it..fed about a quarter gallon of recharge to her soil and tube..let’s see the reaction

9 months ago

Day: 47

This girl will be small but is growing..I really think the humidity here has stunted next run for sure will be ideal conditions

9 months ago

Day: 44

She looks great..hoping she continues to pack on some weight

9 months ago

Day: 42

Girl is doing ok I think she will be small because she is flowering really biggie! Got fed today about a half gallon though the tube and a little to the soil added some bud candy so will have to see if anything changes

9 months ago

Day: 41

Plucked a few leaves today and opened her up a bit..main top is stretching and others are about even..hopefully she’ll start packing on some weight..will get fed tomorrow

9 months ago

Day: 39

Girl starting to stretch up towards the light aggressively now

10 months ago

Day: 38

She is growing stick is down..tied her down some today

10 months ago

Day: 35

Girl looks to be fed another half gallon of food due to stick getting low..

10 months ago

Day: 33

Girl seems to be enjoying her lst and food..pre flower in full effect

10 months ago

Day: 32

Girl got fed for the first time through its feeder..fed a little over a 1/2 a gallon to see how it would handle..also up the bites a tab bit so will have to monitor..the measure stick was up about 2 leaf’s ..she is starting to take off

10 months ago

Day: 31

Girl seems to doing fine after LST..shoots are popping up competing with the main top but she ain’t having it

10 months ago

Day: 30

Tied her down in 4 directions to let the other shoot’s catch up..she is starting to grow fast now

10 months ago

Day: 28

Man cola and other bud sites are starting to search for light after minor lst

10 months ago

Day: 27

Fed about a half a gallon of food..opened up some sites to get light and raised her up about a inch..par right around 500

10 months ago

Day: 26

Looks ok..did the first lst on her and tied down the main cola

10 months ago

Day: 24

Still enjoying the elements

10 months ago

Day: 23

She is doing good today..perked up today! I was able to peek into the little hole on the bucket and it was pretty cool to see the roots coming through to the water below..also moved her about a inch closer to raise the par a lil

10 months ago

Day: 22

Girl is perked up fed about 4 cups of recharge ph’d at 6.4

10 months ago

Day: 21

Girl is looking healthy..will feed tomorrow

10 months ago

Day: 20

She is loving the environment so far..still not ready for another feeding

10 months ago

Day: 19

This girl is loving life..starting to blossom

10 months ago

Day: 17

Fed girl 6 cups of food today..loons to be progressing well

10 months ago

Day: 15

Girl is growing well..starting to explode

10 months ago

Day: 14

This girl is progressing well

10 months ago

Day: 13

Girl is progressing fed 4 cups of food today..hoping she can’t take it! Her dirt was dry though so she was ready!

10 months ago

Day: 12

Got fed yesterday and is looking strong

10 months ago

Day: 10

Looking good..we get first feeding tomorrow

10 months ago

Day: 9

Starting to get a second set

10 months ago

Day: 8

She got a little bigger and second set of leaves are starting to separate

a year ago

Reckless mind

Reckless mind How much did the seed cost?

Day: 7

Appears to be doing very well!

a year ago


Reckless Looking goooood! Will keep an eye on your grow, am a beginner my self just trying to learn from others ;)

Day: 6

She is growing slowly and getting bigger..still just been misting the top soil a couple of times per day

a year ago

Day: 4

Looking healthy..still misting the top soil

a year ago

Day: 3

Seems to be doing ok..originally took the humidity cup off of her but put it back on and she seems to be doing better

a year ago

Day: 2

So far appears to be coming along nicely..been misting the soil and keeping it covered

a year ago