Fat Banana Auto

Spring 2021

Fat Banana Auto growing in a 3gal grow bag, under Spiderfarm 1000D, Vivosun 2x4x5 growing along side 4 other plants. (still plenty of space)

RQS Autoflowering

Day 51 (Week 8)

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Day: 51

Focusing all her energy to the flowers.

a year ago

Day: 41


Just gave her food & water, with a side of defoliation! Really hoping all her energy starts to focus on the buds now.

a year ago

Day: 35

About to defoliate a little, try and focus more of her energy into the buds! Also the fungus gnats are just giving me absolute fits & I’m really trying to stay organic here. Any recommendations? Top layer above soil is now sand and rock.

a year ago


kushqween Use neem oil for fungus gnats!! And put sticky traps in the pot. I’m about to post a pic of mine, I have a sticky trap in there. U gotta attack the soil w the oil to get the eggs before they hatch. They live for a few days and can lay hundreds of eggs in their life cycle. And the sticky traps are to catch the adults before they lay eggs. I use the garden safe brand from Lowe’s it’s only 5-10$ a bottle


youngxfish ^^this ish puts a smile on my face. I appreciate the advice yo! I seem to be slowly defeating them lol

Day: 31

1 month in, little bit of LST. I didn’t prepare my set of for any type of training so I won’t try to do too much on this first grow. Plan on being more diligent come next attempt.

a year ago

Day: 28

Just looks happy, minus the fungus gnats 😞

a year ago

IG: @RoyalAncestrySeeds

IG: @RoyalAncestrySeeds I use kensizer glue traps 🪤 and they wirk like a charm! 👌🏾👌🏾

Day: 25

Transplanted into final pot about a week ago. I waited longer than I wanted to but life happens. Also started feeding her a little as she appears to be forming pistils.

a year ago

Day: 16

Officially moving her under a stronger light and into the Vivosun tent !

a year ago

superbikeshaun She looks super stretched out, I’d move the light closer so she doesn’t stretch as much. Otherwise looking great!

Day: 14

2 weeks since shawty germinated, this is obviously my first grow. (She stretched a lot during the first two weeks due to cheap lighting)

a year ago

Day: 10

Ten days in for the tall boy 🌴

a year ago

Day: 7

Day 7 from germination!

a year ago

Day: 3

Day 3 from germination

a year ago