Grow 4

March 2023

4 photoperiods in a 4X4

ILGM Skywalker OG

Day 62 (Week 9)

14 updates

41 photos

Day: 62

Watered with nutes today.

21 days ago

Bigs Buds

Bigs Buds Looks good 👍 and I love that DIY stand you made to hold the grow bags that’s giving me some ideas 💡


BanjoBuds Thanks, these drain racks are a game changer. The hard frame Scrog net is pretty dope too.

Day: 53


This is actually day 52 forgot to upload yesterday

a month ago

LeChron James

LeChron James Preppin for flip?


BanjoBuds Nope. Not yet. Quite a way to go before they are big enough to fill a 5x5 tent


DrSlim Dig that pot elevation setup👍🏼

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Day: 30

Photos from yesterday. I took a few leaves off and watered.

2 months ago

Day: 25


I forgot to update. Topped to let the others catch up vertically.

2 months ago

Day: 21


Watered today. Also removed all auxiliary branches below the mains on the indoor plants. The outdoor plant is looking sad but it’s got to stay inside until the danger of frost passes. I’ll keep it alive until then but it’s not going to tribe until it gets in its new pot.

2 months ago

Day: 15

Moved the indoor plants into their final pots left some head space so I can backfill once the plants get taller. The outdoor plant is still in its tiny pot. The 20gal fabric pot I ordered for it will be here soon. But I’m going to leave it in a smaller pot so I can keep it inside until last frost is over.

2 months ago


lancers223 Light height tips

Day: 11

Watered 15 mL of water each, also ordered my soil. Will transplant into 7 gallon pots next week.

2 months ago


420countryboy1980 What kind of soil are you using


BanjoBuds I start in happy frog and transplant into ocean forest

Day: 11

Went ahead and transplanted into bigger pots.

2 months ago

Day: 9

Moving right along.

2 months ago

Day: 7

All 5 have erupted!

3 months ago

Day: 6

2 have made it above dirt

3 months ago

Day: 3

Wet the soil this morning.

3 months ago

Day: 1

4 of 5 seeds popped before I even put them in a paper towel. So I just decided to sow all 5 seeds. The 4 that popped a tap already are in the corners of the tray.

3 months ago

Day: 0

Started the soak 3/6/2023

3 months ago