Autoflower Run

Mutilverse Beans

Strains - 3 Bears OG, 3 Skywalker, 3 Samsquanch OG, 4 Sour Stomper, 3 Tutankhamen, 6 Anvil, 3 Cosmic Apprentice, 3 Magnesia Haze, 1 LSD

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Day 37 (Week 6)

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Day: 37

Rearranged the set up today. Made the soup but I also added my blooming formula for the flowering. Put up my carbon filter. Roots look great !

a year ago

Day: 34

Haven’t updated as often because I haven’t done anything new, everything has been the same, LST clips are doing great but some branches snap for some reason.

a year ago

Day: 24

Topped all plants , will be switching to 20/4 light cycle this weekend. Noticed some yellowing on some plants so I’ll have to address any deficiencies or issues before they get worse.

a year ago

Day: 21


Plants are looking good, only one struggling seems to be skywalker. Did I mention I took away 3 dead plants? So far both experiments look good, nothing too different. Been feeding as necessary. 24/0 light cycle.

a year ago


@eaegifts They’ll grow faster if u let them sleep. Also I should look into cover for the rockwool to prevent all that algae growth 👍🏾.

Kuramamama23 What’s it in?

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Day: 19

Seeing as roots were coming from under the rockwool I set up the full hydroponic set up. On one table I did my usual set up (6 inch blocks) and on the other I did something different. 4 inch blocks and clay pellets, we’ll see which one does better. Noticed that gnats and aphid activity had gone down since sprayed last, also gave them a full feeding.

a year ago

Day: 16

Plants are looking great, been feeding nutrients and been seeing roots coming from the bottom, will begin to do full hydro set up soon, 3 plants didn’t make it, it’s my fault. Also sprayed the girls with some pest control supplements

a year ago

Day: 8


Transplanted the girls into 4 and 6 inch rock wool cubes. Tukthakamen had the biggest roots by far followed by anvil before transplant. I fed them mycorrhizae again and a made the nutrient soup. Ph at 6.3. Humidity is at 60%.

a year ago

Day: 4

Update on how they’re looking

a year ago


Mystrain420-@eaegifts Whoa that’s a lot of ladies rite there. Looking forward to seeing this big run here, happy growing

Day: 3


29/29 seeds successfully germinated, I transplanted all into rock wool (1 in soil). Roots were really long for 2 days, haven’t seen growth like this before. While transplantation get some roots snapped, hopefully they bounce back. Fed all premium mycorrhizae to help promote early growth.

a year ago

Day: 2

Lots of them have sprouted, will probably transplant tomorrow

a year ago

Day: 0

Began trying to sprout seeds by putting them in ziploc with wet and humid towel. Let’s see which one sprouts first.

a year ago