Orange auto topped

Week 4

600 watt 2x2

Orange cookie auto

Day 70 (Week 10)


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Day: 70

About to chop chop

3 months ago

Day: 60

Day 60

3 months ago

Day: 28

Topped a week ago

5 months ago

Day: 28

So shit went left after I miss the 1 week off feeding when soil ran out off food Hopefully she makes it🥹

4 months ago


Vgrow What you growing in??

dizzy91 3 gallon soil black foil soil same as I used last season was good about till week 4 the soil ran out off food my room mate water with plants water for about a week so I’m guessing it was starving but feed 4ml of micro 4 off grow and 4 off boom added 2 ml of cal mag this week so see it the yellowing stops


Vgrow Sounds like you doing everything I would I guess just have to wait and see.

Day: 17

New grow gdp and Bruce banner topped both

2 months ago

Day: 0

Help left for a week came back soil ran out off food waited cause my room mate water they day before with plain water gave 1 heavy feed and back to feeding then watering in between yellowing stop u think it will bounce back week 4 going into 5

4 months ago


StanW213 i think the quickest way to get some nutrients back in the soil would with a compost tea or some just some liquid nutrients so the plant can absorb it right away

Reckless mind

Reckless mind Flush it, put some nitrogen and calmeg

Day: 0

The collection

3 months ago

Day: 0

Week 4 grand daddy pup auto and Bruce banner getting tall for a 2x2x4 u guys think lst could be done week 4

a month ago

shawncody420 I can tell u hate ur life

dizzy91 Na the cut leafs from when I topped at week 2 but only problem I got it’s tall the grand daddy hella tall at week 4


DANKY_KIDDSTER You can lst at that stage break it's optimal dominance and start with the outside branches

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