Crem de la chem

First time growing this

Growing two of these in a grow bucket for the first time


Day 67 (Week 10)


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Day: 67

Girl is small and has dealt with some tough conditions but still moving along..she is starting to form her buds

9 months ago

Day: 62

She is starting to show signs of forming but super slow

9 months ago

Day: 49

Truckin along

9 months ago

Day: 48

Girl still slow growing

9 months ago

Day: 47

This girl is growing slow..might be stunted from the high humidity..but she is going so I’m learning

9 months ago

Day: 44

Fed her about a half a gallon of recharge today..she actually looks a lil better as I’m typing this

10 months ago

Day: 42

All the bud sites moved up today so I think this girl will just grow slow and be small..eating super slow

10 months ago

Day: 41

She is not eating much but looks healthy..plucked some leaves today..and opened up some bud sites

10 months ago

Cameron1989 It appears it’s already flowering. I’m assuming this is an auto?

topfloorgrower Yes this is and auto

Day: 39

Growing but at her own pace..really eating slow

10 months ago

Day: 38

Girl looks to be ok..opened up a few sites and pulled a dying lower leaf

10 months ago

Day: 37

Girl got fed half gallon of food with a lil cal mag due to what’s looks like a lil deficiency

10 months ago


organic_grower Where's the plant at?


StanW213 😂😂

topfloorgrower Lol I wanted to post so I knew that I fed her but didn’t have a pic so just took that

Day: 35

Girl still moving slow..just now starting to show a few pistils

10 months ago

Day: 33

Opened up the middle a little bit so the other sites can get light

10 months ago

Day: 32

Girl got fed for the first time through its feeder..fed about half a gallon to see how it would handle..also up the bites a tab bit so will have to monitor..the measure stick was up about 1 1/2 leaf’s

10 months ago

Day: 31

Girl appears to be doing good after LST..very healthy looking

10 months ago

Day: 30

Looking strong..finally got her a lil LST to open up some light for the new shoots growing

10 months ago

Day: 28

Girl looks healthy and seems to like being a little closer

10 months ago

Day: 27

Girl got fed about a half gallon with food..looks to be doing ok..moved her a few inches closer to the light..par right around 500

10 months ago

Day: 26

Still slowly moving

10 months ago

Day: 24

Starting to get a little height on her

10 months ago

Day: 23

Girl looks a little better today..was able to peek inside the hole on the bucket and see the roots growing towards the water..pretty cool!

10 months ago

Day: 22

Still looks healthy..fed about 3 cups of recharge ph’d at 6.4

10 months ago

Day: 21

Girl looking healthy..will get fed tomorrow

10 months ago

Day: 20

She looks to be doing well!

10 months ago

Day: 19

Girl is starting to blossom a bit

10 months ago

Day: 17

Girl got fed 4 cup’s today..still slowly moving but moving

10 months ago

Day: 15

Starting to grow now

10 months ago

Day: 14

She grew a little bit today..just a slow grower

a year ago

Day: 13

Girl is slowly growing..she got a little bigger but moving slow..fed her 2 cups of food today

a year ago

Reckless mind

Reckless mind It’s coming along! Mine is nearly the same size haha! Slowly but surely! ;) let’s keep going!

topfloorgrower Yessir 💪🏾

Day: 11

Got fed yesterday

a year ago

Day: 10

Looks a little yellow today..will get first feeding tomorrow

a year ago


highlandcraftgenetics Feeding at day 10? What kind of medium are you using and what nutes

Day: 9

Chuggin along

a year ago

Day: 8

She is getting bigger

a year ago

IG @stick_e_fingerz

IG @stick_e_fingerz This is a 🔥strain

Day: 7

Girl is growing and doing well!

a year ago

Day: 6

Appears to be growing a little..I have still been misting the top soil a couple of times per day and keeping her covered with a clear plastic cup to keep the humidity up

a year ago

Reckless mind

Reckless mind Looking good!

Day: 4

Looking somewhat healthy..looks stronger but second set of leaves haven’t moved yet..still misting the top soil throughout the day

a year ago

Day: 3

Girl is doing well..was slumped a bit after I took the cup away so I put it back over her and then she perked back up..I’ll keep it over her for a little longer until she is stronger

a year ago

Day: 2

Girls are off to a slow start! One only opened half way and the other seems small! Hopefully they are not stunted!

a year ago