Walter Green

Walter Green

Ronny Runtz (Mutation Phenotype)

April 2023

Easy going

Royal Qeen Seed’s Royal Runtz AUTOMATIC

Day 27 (Week 4)


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Day: 27


3 days ago

Day: 26


4 days ago

LeChron James

LeChron James What’s your plan?

Walter Green

Walter Green Killed today

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Day: 25

Get some rescue cuts

5 days ago

Day: 24

Dead man walking ?

6 days ago

Day: 23

Look’s very sick…

7 days ago

Day: 22

Hang in there

8 days ago


G8keeper You need to tape it with a little electrical tape or duct tape

Day: 21

What will be ?

9 days ago


G8keeper Tape it up with electrical tape or duct tape. It will heal and continue to grow

Day: 20

Advise ? Need help

10 days ago

Day: 19

New head like a Hydra ?

11 days ago

Day: 18

Somebody know‘s what’s going on ?

12 days ago


organic_grower 🤔 that's a weird one..


gypsygrowgoddess That’s really interesting… Is this the one you were talking about, when you said one has duck feet?

Walter Green

Walter Green BongToker this i was thinking too. But it’s automatic you think it’s right ?

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Day: 17

Quack quack

13 days ago

Day: 16

What the duck ?

14 days ago


Cuben_Si00 your comment had me lol in my meeting damn it


adders She’ll be alright, cool deformation though 😅

Day: 15

What is with the leaf ? It‘s automatic Runtz I think the genetic is not stable 🥲 we will see 🤷🏻‍♂️

15 days ago


cedje It kinda looks like a “Duckfoot” mutation.

Walter Green

Walter Green Is this critical ? Or grow‘s it normally farther ?


cedje It’s probably a simple mutation, could be bad genetics but could also be a “mistake by nature” don’t throw it away.. instead let it live and see what it might become 💪🏼

Day: 14


16 days ago

Day: 13

Start from the bottom now I’m here !!

17 days ago

Day: 12

Big Pot for everyone !!!

18 days ago


MrStopPlayin I love anything with Runtz in it ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

Walter Green

Walter Green Runtz I definitely one of my favourites too awesome taste and more awesome High


MrStopPlayin Definitely I ran a runtz strain from msnl and the 🛋️ lock affects was amazing 😮‍💨🤩 I also have a pink Runtz from them I haven’t ran yet either

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Day: 11

Ronny gets punched

19 days ago

Day: 11


19 days ago

Day: 10

Ronny still fight behind the others

20 days ago

Day: 9

No comment

21 days ago

Day: 8

Ronny believes

21 days ago

Day: 7

Stay straight Ronny

21 days ago

Day: 6

Drives crazy today

24 days ago

Day: 5

Today a little bit slower

25 days ago

Day: 4

Ronny Runs Frankfurt

a month ago

Day: 3

Ronny grows up 🥲

a month ago

Day: 2

Day two of life

a month ago

Day: 1

The weakest overruns the strongest 🙆🏻‍♂️🚀

a month ago