Red Pop Runtz Journal

October 30th 2022

Regular Photo Red Pop Runtz plant in 8x8x6 Mars Hydro tent With Mars Hydro Ts2000 light, Mars Hydro 4inch Inline Fan, Dehumidifier and Scrog Net. Using Full Advanced Nutrients Lineup. With Fox Farms Ocean Forest Soil.

Red Pop Runtz

Day 46 (Week 7)


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Day: 46

Everything going good little bit of a trim water 2 small bottles 1x per day with nutrients every other day.

5 months ago

Day: 40


Day 40. Little bit of lst

6 months ago

Day: 36


Day 36. Ended up being magnesium deficiency fixed with sum cal mag and she’s looking good again. Growth coming fast!

6 months ago

Day: 32


Anybody know what these spots are from. Maybe magnesium deficiency? Water 1x per day in the morning with ph of 6.5. I did add  nutrients at day 22 which was a little to early haven’t added anything since but after a flush she bounced back. Just trying to figure out what these spots are.

6 months ago

Day: 29


Topped her this morning on the 7th node!She bounced back pretty fast.

6 months ago

Day: 25

Flush was done because of nutrient burn. Waited A couple days and she’s looking great again!

6 months ago

Day: 22

First dose of nutrients didn’t go to well definitely should have waited a little bit longer. Only PH water for now.

6 months ago

Ghostemane @bongtoker thanks for the advice👍

Day: 14


Week 2. Trans Plant Into 3 Gal Pot, Temperature 68•

6 months ago

Day: 7

18-6 Light Schedule. With light height of 18 inch.

7 months ago