Chem Pie

Organic No Till

15 gallons of homemade soil

Chempie feminized- ripper seeds

Day 139 (Week 20)

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Day: 139

Day 33 of flower

2 years ago

Day: 122

End of week 2

2 years ago

Day: 118

Week 1 of flower. Trellis really helped open her up

2 years ago

Day: 104

Cut back

2 years ago

Day: 89

Going into flower soon

2 years ago

Day: 82

Took clones

2 years ago

Day: 62

Doing okay now

2 years ago

Day: 56

Very slow growth

2 years ago


Caliban I think you are stunted? Low Calcijm can do that.

Day: 49


2 years ago

Day: 41

New growth

2 years ago

Day: 35

Definitely put into this pot too early. Slowing starting to regain health though

2 years ago

Day: 28

Acting very weird. It topped itself but only created one new growth

2 years ago


_pocket Because the new growth is smushed.


Blues_Buds @_pocket squished on what?


_pocket Second photo, the growth that would be on the left side is underdeveloped because the current top is driving into where it would grow from.

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Day: 15

Stunted by overwatering, she’s coming back around though

2 years ago

Day: 0

Just popped

2 years ago