Hemp Generation was founded by me in 2018. I grew in outdoor 2018, outdoor and greenhouse 2019, just greenhouse 2020, now I flower fully indoor with CO2 enrichment. we make product from the flower we grow. our website is www.HempGeneration.com we sell our hemp derived products there and try to educate the community on hemp and CBD and it’s distinction from marijuana which helps reduce stigma. follow our growing journey! support us by calling in and ordering or ordering online. 336-708-9074 my name is Louis

3 plants

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Greenhouse/Outdoor 2023

Extra plants that I made grow spots for


Day: 51


Updates: 7

6 months ago

Start date: Aug 28, 2023


Second CBD Grow round

Summer/Fall 2021

Day: 115

Updates: 28

2 years ago

Start date: Aug 22, 2021

CHC, H, Miss B, Mustard Berry, Northern Lights, and Strawberry

Almost to harvest

1-2 weeks from harvest

Day: 77

Updates: 17

2 years ago

Start date: Aug 13, 2021

5-7 CBD strains

Grabbing some more for you