Reach your customers where they grow

> 64,000 Registered Users

> 58,000 Journals

> 800,000 Photos

> 72% US Based

Bud has been a mobile first community since the mid 2010's with an active and growing user base. Being a photo first journal solution bud gives growers a great way to see their grows progress and share that journey with others.

Until recently bud was only available on mobile and accessing data on the app required registering. In an effort to widen the user base beyond active contributors bud is now available at to anyone interested without needing to register, greatly increasing the apps reach.

If you would like to reach our user base we have banner, sidebar, and inline, ads available on web. We can also offer inline ads in the mobile app.

Currently we do not offer any standard advertising plans, but can accommodate any budget. If you are interested in becoming an advertiser please reach out to us at