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D.I.Y grow except Seeds


Mystery Seeds and 4 Blueberry Gum x Agent Orange

Day 12 (Week 2)

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Day: 12


They’re getting big signs of stress on 3 after the transplant, the other 2 are doing great in the new pot and decided to pop one more since we lost one

6 years ago

Day: 9


As you can see set up has been upgraded a bit, gave there plants first nutrients feeding at half strength put in to larger 1 gallon pots, the one with the funky leaf was pulled to make room the final 5 are looking amazing tho.

6 years ago

Day: 7


Took them off the platform to bring them away from the light the first nod seems to be developing very well on 3 the other 3 are a little behind so far see really strong genetics in 3

6 years ago

Day: 6


Have them there first hearty watering today without a spray bottle roots seem to be holding them up well, noticed small nod spacing on 2 of them

6 years ago

Day: 5

Not much change in my grow area, just height growth all around, the one with the yellowing leaf seems to be stunted probably didn’t help that I clipped off the dead part of the leaf, see how she does thru the night, another seedling appears to be popping thru the soil.

6 years ago

Day: 4

Total of 6 sprouts all (4 BGxAO) (2 mystery) lost another mystery this morning (too humid) another myster seed is about to break thru soil. One of the blueberries had some yellowing leaves not sure why haven’t added any nutrients yet just water ph to around 6.0.

6 years ago

Bagseedwarrior What you using for lighting? Daytime temps?

Day: 3

We have sprouting! 4 plants have began to sprout, 3 BGxAO and 1 of our mystery seeds! Also our last BGxAO seeds germinated and was potted

6 years ago

Day: 2

A few more tap roots appeared so they were planted, made a slightly larger area to house my plants, also added a exhaust fan to help cool the room, keeping bags on for first few days till a get some healthy sprouts to keep humidity up, but still no soil break thru. Hopefully tomorrow.

6 years ago

Day: 1

Planted the first 5 (3 mystery) (2 BGxAO)

6 years ago