Photo Tent

Mix of Photoperiods

Just started a bunch of photoperiods seed I had laying around waiting for my autos to come in. Following along, no expert here by any means

1 White Widow, 2 LA x Blueberry, 5 unknowns

Day 124 (Week 18)

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43 photos

Day: 124

Chopped the photo tent down yesterday 10/24

a year ago


bigsammy What do you think is better the rack or just hanging them?

AJsGrow426 Everybody has their preference, also depends on your environment you live in. I prefer to hang my good colas because racks and screens gives the buds flat spots

Day: 110


Day 57 flower

a year ago


dadude Nice colas 👍🏼🪴💯

Day: 100

Chugging right along Day 48 flower

a year ago

Day: 90

Day 37 flower 3 unknow genetics

a year ago

Day: 82

Moving along decently. Day 30 Flower

a year ago

Day: 76


Unknow genetics coming along in flower looking decent. Hoping they pack on weight in the next couple weeks. Day 23 flower

a year ago

Day: 71

3 out of 8 photos I planted. These are unknown genetics. Day 18 Flower

a year ago

Day: 67


Out of the eight plants three  are females. three unknown genetics. Day 14 of flower

a year ago

Day: 56

Flipped to flower 8/15, Day 03 of flower…

a year ago

Day: 47

Photos are running great. Switched to organic soil 8/8

a year ago

Day: 44

8 photos in a 4x2 tent

a year ago