Bob Saget x blackcherry soda

Over my head

PLANTS in live soil 15x7x7 greenhouse

Bob x black cherry soda

Day 166 (Week 24)

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Day: 166

Just went into flower a week ago! Bob Saget X Black cherry soda X Afghani

3 years ago

Day: 123


3 years ago

Day: 122

Just got done spraying Plant therapy, two of the five so called males maybe females the other three are gone

3 years ago

Day: 118

Adopted out 14 of my babies

3 years ago

Day: 117

Five of my jumbo seed starts are dudes 😩

3 years ago

Day: 116

Some are going into flower already

3 years ago

Harrison010101 Wow man any advice

Backyardfarmr Hey Harrison, sorry I just seen your comment! This app doesn’t give notifications or ANYTHING! Advice? I’m not sure this is my first grow but would be happy to help!

Day: 103

Running out of room, plants are happy. Gave them some natures pride tonight

3 years ago

Day: 75

Transplanted to25 gallons used natures pride mycos and Azo’s

3 years ago

Day: 74

Just sprayed some WSCAL this morning to harden up the leaves and help with pest

3 years ago

Day: 73

I topped six of my plants and got some new birthday cake clippings from Scally

3 years ago

Day: 72

Transplanted to1 gallons

3 years ago

Day: 65

Went home and checked on them they are now back in the greenhouse looking good! I put my I MO box between Parish and Lake Herman Road

3 years ago

Day: 63

Put IMO box by hwy 12 in flats across from soil distribution

3 years ago

Day: 59

Plants look 👀 happy after fed nature’s pride. Found a little burning on a cheese. Going to do a soil test and apply LAB to all of them

3 years ago

Day: 58

Still seeing welting and now more yellowing of lower leaves. Fed them all natures pride and released predatory mites and lacewings into the vegetable garden

3 years ago

Day: 54

Copperish dead spot. Greenhouse overheated day before. Maybe why?

3 years ago

Day: 53

Having issues w burns or something of that matter and pests

3 years ago

Day: 36

Finally got my plants home and in new greenhouse

3 years ago

Day: 8

Plants are stretching

3 years ago

Day: 4

Transplant to soil

3 years ago

Day: 1

Popped Bob x blueberry muffins and bob x black cherry soda x afghan

3 years ago