Raspberry Parfait X PPD

Humboldt Seed Co

Going to go organic again. Sunshine soil pro #4. Gaia Green:ap/bloom/glacier. Will use molasses. Will use myko during transplant.


Day 15 (Week 3)


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Day: 15


Looking pretty good day after transplanting. Didn’t water today. Pots don’t need. If anything like last photo grows, I’ll be transplanting again next week! LOL :-)

a day ago

Day: 14

Transplanted both little gals today. Nice roots showing and not rootbound at all. Transplanted into 1 gal pot amended with Dr earths veg, bloom and some worm castings. I switched from Gaia Green to Dr Earth. From what Ive read, Dr earth is pretty good and I look forward to seeing the results

2 days ago


zer0applied We just finished a study on their trubiotic at work.


zer0applied Are you using a myco product or kelp?


cookredeyed What did the study show? I’m using xtreme mykos and azos. I dusted the plants roots as well as inside the hole for transplant.

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Day: 13


I may transplant tomorrow. I wanted to wait a few more days but tomorrow is my only day off and IDK how my time will be next week. Plants looks good. Stem looks nice and strong

3 days ago

Day: 9

Looking like pot plants! Gave a little water, been spraying medium daily and keeping rh up. I hope to transplant next week into 1gal plastic pots

7 days ago


amithus Do you have them elevated for drainage? The inner pot vs the outer pot?


cookredeyed Ya. These are elevated. Inside the outer cup I have a small wedge. The water around cups is just from me spilling a little!!


amithus When do you transplant? How do you know when? I’m trying this thing I saw combat medic or someone do where they put a clear inside an opaque so you can peel but it still protects the roots. But I can’t elevate for drainage.

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Day: 5

Moved into the veg tent today! Life is back to normal!

11 days ago


zer0applied Pretty sure owning that $16 Honeywell fan from Walmart is a right of passage for tent growers lol


cookredeyed I guess. They work well

Day: 4

Little stretched. Will be going into veg tent soon. Thinking of removing dome too

12 days ago


amithus This is too funny. I just started soaking seeds to get ready to pop them. Our schedules seem to be lock step.


cookredeyed Nice!! Another race!! Lol!! What are you planting next? It’s fun seeing progress w other growmies especially when timing is really close to your own!


amithus I’m popping more royal queen seeds. Running royal dwarf and sweet skunk. Autos for now. I’m waiting for my photos to show up. I’ll pop those when my current run is done.

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Day: 2

Girls are a little stretched. I had light too low and too high. Turned power up to 75%. Both still have their little helmet on

15 days ago

Day: 2


Pretty stretched. Lowered the light about 5”.

14 days ago

Day: 1

I got life yo!!

17 days ago

Day: 0

Getting it on! 2 seeds

20 days ago

Day: 0

RP X PPD is in dirt. Solo cups.

18 days ago