Northern Light

Started in Feb

I have two northern light seedlings will be keeping the best one


Day 60 (Week 9)


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Day: 60

Tops tops tops! Went on a growth spurt last week and was drinking so much water, i think i gave it a little too much, gonna back off a little. Was growing lots and was in need of nitrogen, colour is good now.

2 months ago

Day: 52

Looking so nice and spread out. Iā€™m going to keep topping this one until the end of may when I will harden it and put it outside. Gonna be huge

2 months ago

Day: 42


2 months ago

Day: 41

watered today, spreading out nice and strong.

2 months ago

Day: 34

šŸ’ŖšŸ¼ this one looks confirmed female so will be the winner

2 months ago

Day: 31

Did a chiropractic sesh with one to strengthen stems, other is chillin

2 months ago

Day: 25

4 days later

2 months ago

Day: 21


2 months ago

Day: 13

smaller one had some trouble you can see the leaves are deformed

2 months ago

Day: 1


2 months ago