Pineapple express chunk


Very fast growing and sturdy

Thc 23%

Day 80 (Week 12)

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Day: 80

First day of flower

6 years ago

Day: 60

Switching in .7 days

6 years ago

Day: 58


6 years ago

Darkcloud2669 How do you know the THC is 23% without getting it lab tested? Plus your still growing it... Pineapple Express ranges with 23% being the highest.. depends when you harvest.. if you havest when the pistols are bright white that’s the peak of their THC if you harvest when they turn dark amber your reaching more CBD content than THC

Day: 51

7-10 days till flower switch

6 years ago

Day: 48

Just amazing

6 years ago

Day: 38

Smells for real

6 years ago

Day: 28


6 years ago

Day: 23


6 years ago

Day: 21

7 nodes

6 years ago

Day: 13

Plant tall doing great

6 years ago