Cash Crop

Summer 2022

One feminist plat in all mix biobis under marzhydro led lights seed ICE SEED BANK (CASHCROP)

Ice seed bank CASH CROP

Day 72 (Week 11)


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Day: 72

Still in veg 72 Days into

a month ago


kiejh98 10 WEEKS 2 DAYS

Day: 61

Still going to let grow into veg 61 days

2 months ago

Day: 59

Moving the girls on to 12/12 thinking as they are 59days old

2 months ago

Day: 53

53 days

2 months ago

Day: 46

This little girls getting stronger each day took well to the feed I did compèred to the rest of them 46days old. Topped and trimmed a little more today to get more light to the smaller stems of the plant she was dying last week now look👋💯

2 months ago

Day: 44

More stress traing plus topping also took a clone/ cut in

2 months ago

Day: 40

Trimming day of fan leaves DAY40

2 months ago


kiejh98 This is 5 weeks 5 days on the 14th September 2022

Day: 39

Still on 24h lights no feed waiting on cal mag soon as it come starting feeding cerulean 4+ weeks

2 months ago

Day: 21

Moved in to 30cm pots from cup size pots did show sines of transplant results but growing back good and strong water daily feed once a week

3 months ago