First Grow Ever - LSD & Amnisa Haze

Autoflowers Summer 2019

Strain: 3 AH (coastal genetics) 3 LSD (NorCal Farms) autoflower plants. In soil: light warrior then Ocean Farms in 3 gallon fabric pots. 4x4 Tent GreenGo 1200w LED TaoTronics Humidifier Exhale C02 Bag AC Infinity CloudNine exhaust and carbon filter

Amnesia Haze & LSD

Day 86 (Week 13)

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Day: 86


Harvest Day is here!! 😍🎉 Cut Down two of my 4 girls. The other two have about another two weeks to go. They were stunted a bit starting out so I’m giving them some extra time. But in the meantime I’m so excited to pull my first harvest. Buds are frosty, thick, dense and smelling oh so nice! I have to say I’m really proud of myself for this being my first time out. I am all about the wet trim. (because even though this is my first time growing marijuana it’s not my first time trimming it, so I know the difference between the two and for me personally I don’t want the headache of trimming dry weed) So I trimmed them up and now they’re hang drying in a separate new tent with temps at 75°F and about 35 to 40% RH. Mannnn I can’t wait to fire it up 🔥 🚬

3 years ago

Tygerbjj Gotta know the weight on this monster!

Day: 80


The fattening is happening 😍 Girls are looking good and getting thick n frosty! I can’t wait!!! I’m thinking another week to 10 days before the chop! ??

3 years ago

Day: 72


Girls getting heavy. Looking good. Got the calcium deficiency under control, but the leaves still look crazy 😜. I’m using Advanced Nutrients on the flowering program and giving molasses between feedings. Only feeding nutes every other watering. Watering every 2 to 3 days.

3 years ago

WeedinmyWeave Looking good!

Day: 65

Girls putting on weight. Doing pretty good although one of the plants has a calcium deficiency so I’ve been treating it with my SensiMag. It looks like it’s clearing up. Just feeding and watering. One day this week I’m going to do the first feeding using molasses. Also I think one of my girls might be a photo. Because she has some small pistols but nothing beyond that. When it dawned on me she might be waiting for 1212 but she’s not getting in the tent. I’m running 18/6. So I think I’m gonna pull her out and set her up in my closet. Just to see??

3 years ago

Day: 56

Girls are doing good. One of them Dahlia has a calcium deficiency so I started giving her some Sensi mag (Advanced Nutrients). The canopies are filling out nicely and they’re starting to put some weight on. 🥰

3 years ago

Day: 47


Ladies are doing great 👍🏽 they received their first nutes feeding over the last seven days. I waited because they were in nutrient rich soil but then they started popping pistols, so I decided to get started with them. I feed every other watering. I’m watering every 2 to 3 days. Going good for my first grow :) bought a USB microscope and got a first look at the trykes. 😍

3 years ago

Gezellig420 Very exciting! Nice job 👍🏻

WeedinmyWeave Did you do any trimming or you just let them grow out?

MzMerryJay I didn’t do any trimming or topping. On one of the plants I took off about three big fan leaves off the bottom, but that was just a few days ago. I did do some lst and continued to do that a little bit while they were growing. I’m really amazed too because I didn’t give them any nutrients for six weeks. 👍🏽

Day: 36

Pistols popping! Yay!! Day 36 and this is the first time I’m giving them nutes. I hope I didn’t wait too long. But they were doing really good and looking lovely and they were just transplanted into Ocean Forest two weeks ago so the soil was nutrient rich. I had planned to start giving them the notes over the weekend and then I saw the pistols. So I’m wondering if I should be following the veg schedule for feeding or just go straight into the flower schedule? Any advice is welcomed.

3 years ago

Malz It depends... how much height do you have to the top of your tent or ceiling? Then how much space do you need the lights to be at above your plants? Assuming they will double in higher during flower you should be able to figure out the Maximum Birgitta you can let them get to. Otherwise you can switch them any time you want.

MzMerryJay @Malz thank you for the tips. I have a lot of space in my tent it is a 8ft Tent. So I think I’ll keep them on the veg nutes for a couple of weeks and then switch to the flower nutes.

Malz Awesome. Remember when you switch nutrients you also need to switch to a 12 on 12 off light cycle as well.

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Day: 32


Girls are looking great. 🥰 We’re about two weeks after transplanting and about a week after some low stress training. Just watering with pH water and have not fed any nutrients yet. I started them in FF Light Warrior and Transplanted them into FF Ocean Forest so I didn’t feel like I needed any nutes right away. Since they are autos and will probably begin flowering soon, I might give them their first dose of nutrients next week. Half of what they recommend to start out.

3 years ago

Day: 24


Plants are doing good. 1 week after transplanting and plants have exploded. Just watering no nutrients yet.

3 years ago

Gezellig420 They look perfect! You sure this is your first time? Lol

MzMerryJay 😊Thanks. Yep it's my first time. Fingers crossed 🤞🏽

Day: 15


Looking good. Been watering at 💦 6.6 ph. Roots are coming out. Transplanting tomorrow into 3gal fabric pots with Fox Farm Ocean Forest.

3 years ago

Gezellig420 Hey there! I am about a week behind you on my first grow. Looking forward to watching yours for comparison. Good luck with your ladies!

MzMerryJay Thanks so much. I added you as well to see how your ladies come out. I see you had some taproot issues. I’m sure it’ll work itself out and I’ve already got the mindset that this first batch is just all trial, error, and learning. Lol! Good luck! 🍀

Sativadiva Your pH levels are just a little high. Get them closer to 6

Day: 5

Plants are currently 2 inches tall. Watered the first time since planting. Water pH to6.6. Humidity dome removed.

3 years ago

Day: 2

There here! All except one of the LSD. Using the paper towel method one of the LSD seeds never sprouted a taproot so I went ahead and planted it anyway. It is a weed after all. Lol! We’ll see 👀 what happens.

3 years ago