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Have 14 plants no idea what strain it’s my first time just been growing with the flow


Day 42 (Week 6)

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Day: 42

Took the plants that were a bit smaller inside under the light hopefully they will catch up

5 years ago

Day: 17

I think it’s around 2 weeks on these girls everything is natural and outdoors no fertilizer or anything

5 years ago


Greenhouseguy95 Your going to want to find a high nitrogen organic fertilizer. Help extract or cold pressed kelp is a great solution at this stage in they’re life. Basically providing everything they need. I also sell a organic rooting hormone. “Willow extract”. If your ever interested


Greenhouseguy95 Try to burry the stems a bit when you repot. You have easily a couple weeks before you need a transplant though without any organic goodness going into her

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