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Winter ‘22

Blue Dream & Afghani in FFSF Planet of the Grapes in FFHF

Blue Dream x1, Afghani x1, P.O.T Grapes RBX x2

Day 99 (Week 15)



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Day: 99


Chug chug chuggin

20 days ago

Day: 88


It’s going. From deficiency to toxicity. Still alive, amazingly.

a month ago

Day: 72


Dealing with some serious nutrient deficiency. PH lockout. Believed to be fixed. Hoping I can run these out to finish. Pushing it to their limits. Time shall tell.

2 months ago

Day: 54


Moving along.

2 months ago

Day: 36


Switch to 12/12 light schedule. Switched out blurples for HPS for flower.

3 months ago

Day: 27

Day after heavy prune and tie downs. Additional tie down adjustments made to the quicker growing Blue Dream.

3 months ago

Day: 25

All tie downs complete. Same nutrient cycle as last entry.

3 months ago

Day: 23

Silica & BB added. First steps of LsT with the Blue Dream. Afghan topping became an accidental FIM. Sweeet dealllio.

3 months ago

Day: 16

Just topped all four. Only added a small amount of silica so far. Blue Dream showing signs soil may be a little too “hot”for it, if so should recover in time.

3 months ago

Day: 13

Just light watering since sprouted.

4 months ago