First Grow

Fall 2023

Mephisto genetics in an earth box using the BAS method. Using a 2x4 AC infinity setup. Day 1. target environment 80/80.

Mephisto - Crème de La Chem & Sep 23 freebies

Day 50 (Week 8)


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Day: 50

Moving along. Patiently waiting.

7 months ago

Day: 22

Update. Looking healthy but short. Top dressed and filled water day 14.

7 months ago

Day: 8

Added Ecowitt. T3 crapped out battled environment until replacement arrived.

8 months ago

LeChron James

LeChron James Wow. You’re going dually Ecowitts. I like it. Getting much variation in the readings?

zollirum Thanks, I think. lol. I bought a package deal because it was the best deal and didn’t have anywhere else to put the second one. SMH

LeChron James

LeChron James You’ll find a place. Was truly curious. I have 5 of them. Wish I had the $ to have one per plant. I really like these.

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Day: 1


The start! The Middle (not Mephisto) didn’t make it. Genetics are key to success.

8 months ago