Banana Kush x4

Spring2019 Defoliation/Schwazz

Banana Kush grown in 3gal air pots from seed. topping x2, stem mutilation, and LST. Defoliation before 12/12 and flower week 3 ProMix BX with 25% perlite. 2-4 300watt LED Lights(depends on solar production, I’m off grid). 4x3 tent New grow light on 4/27. Led 1500watt. I still sometimes use this with (2) 300watt LEDs depending on solar power.

Banana Kush

Day 89 (Week 13)

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Day: 89


Ok so I dropped the ball on final pictures. Forest fire nearby so was so busy. Sticky fingers. Last 2 are still drying. 2 others are in jars. Very happy with harvest. Not super huge buds but packed with trichomes. My problem was the 3 gal pots. All were root bound. The last plant showed first was the last to go. Pistols never turned color, but trichomes were about 10% amber so I hacked her. Sugar leaves just loaded. So much Keif. Between the 4 plants I’m guessing over 10oz of dried. I got 5oz now, and the last 2 plants were larger. This stuff is sooo good much of it will never cure properly. The high hits you hard, talkative, and happy. Not a stone your trying to hide. Does not put you to sleep. I’d like to get this stuff tested. Best stuff I ever smoked, I’m not just saying that cause I grew it. I grew lots of soso stuff, and smoked lots of stuff. Buddy saying the same thing. Not sure if it’s the strain, the super exspensive Bud Factor X I used, it just a combination of things.

4 years ago

Cindy Not big buds but one as big as your hand?! I wanna smack yah cause I can only wish. 😆 this all looks absolutely beautiful. Congrats!

Robibus Thanks Cindy. All total there was 10.5oz cureded and dried. Not super big buds, but much of that depends on the strain. Will never complain, this stuff is amazing

Day: 80


Ladies woke up to a surprise this morning, 57 degrees and an ice bath watering with pure RO water. There has to be some truth behind this. Colder temps mimic fall and nature. Well not in Alaska. Less than 3 hours of darkness now. Pretty soon it won’t hardly ever get dark. Flushed the 2 in the back RO with Flawless Finish. Turned on the lights late this morning put a Regular light in there just for the picture as all my pictures are red from the led These girls need to finish. More excited about my next grow. The smell on the Banana Kush is intense. It’s more like rotten banana mixed with an unmistakable weed smell. Not sure if it’s the strain or me dialing in a better growing environment. My wife is not happy. Few more days before the new carbon filter and fan arrives

4 years ago

ClandestineWestOz Those are looking delicious mate! Can’t wait for trimmed bud shots when you harvest.

Cindy I’ve heard about cold water baths too. ALL my water coming in is ice cold unfortunately... I try to 2 gallon bucket come to room temp but if I need more, hose brings it in super cold. Friend recommended even adding ice.

Robibus I think cold temps are better but the cold water can also help. I harvested one of the ready once. 13oz of wet nicely trimmed bud. 4gm of grade A keif, another 3 of soso keif. It’s so wonderful One thing I learned this grow is 3 gal pots don’t cut it. My girl was pretty root bound. Decent yeild but could of been more

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Day: 77


Now begins week 9 of Flower. I started flushing the front 2. They look almost ready. A few clear trichomes, I could of even seen an Amber but not sure. Anyway no doubt these girls are ready for me even if I harvested tomorrow. I flushed with Advance Nutrients flawless finish. Flushed with RO water, which I don’t usually use when feeding(I got great well water). 14ppm RO water, 78ppm after adding FF, and 123ppm in the little runoff. Not much crap at all left in my soil Now the 2 in the back need more time. Need to get a microscope back there and see trichomes. And a Mommy moose came to visit my backyard with her newborns

4 years ago

Day: 73


Flower week 7, day 3 2girls in the front are almost ready. Still clear trichomes. 20-30% ? Few more days till I start flushing. 2 in back a probably gonna need an extra week Pumpin some serious air to keep humidity down. 40% I lowered nighttime temps to 62. I will go 59 next week. Daytime temps I keep around 71-73. So much crystals everywhere. They sparkle and glitter. It’s magical

4 years ago

ClandestineWestOz Mate they are looking awesome! I believe mine don’t have too long left, but I advise you to wait until next full moon on June 17th. I’m waiting for that full moon. Booking a week off work for harvest and light trimming.

Robibus Thanks. I’d love to wait till the full moon but no why they will make it. Plus they been served their eviction notice. My next grow is already started and growing. That is a grow I am really looking forward to. All my favorites. Yes your are ready soon too, I thought you were a week ahead of me. I was going with 9 weeks as a baseline.

Day: 66


In the middle of week 6 of Flower. Looking and smelling so nice.

4 years ago

ClandestineWestOz Looking absolutely beaut! Trichome production in full swing 😎

Robibus Yeah it is. Better and better every day. Girls need to finish up for my next grow. First think I’m gonna do is make a smoothie bowl. Banana, strawberry, topped with Chocolope keif. Sounds good but I’m sure it will tase like any other bowl, lol

Robibus These are seriously smelling ripe bananas though.

Day: 61


3 more weeks to go, these might need that extra week. The other morning I opened the tent to great my ladies good morning when I caught this scent...Bananas? I’m like no way. Took a closer smell and sure enough. Smells like ripe bananas. Whoever was asking if these seeds were legit, I would have to say yes!! As for feeding, I use Advance Nutrients. After the base nutes, They get Big Bud, Bud Factor X, B-52, Bud Candy, and Nirvana Canopy is filling in again but still allowing light in down low. Every single leave in there is covered with crystals. Buds are getting more and more dense and joining other buds. This is absolutely my favorite time of the grow Had to remove the carbon filter. Needed more airflow to keep humidity down and vented it outside. Well my backyard has this smell of ripe bananas and weed. Humidity is in the 35%-40% range right now which is where Im aiming. Temp is 73-75 daytime and 64 nighttime.

4 years ago

Day: 56

Today is the start of week 5 of Flower. To celebrate some nice 5w bud shots Been having issues with a bad cell in our battery bank. Revived it for now but it’s only up to 90%. Cloudy day too so solar power is low. Ladies only get the main 1 light today. They are looking nice. Leaves are starting to show a little color. Buds are packing it on everyday

4 years ago

Day: 54

Day 27 of flowering and closing week 4 of flowering. At the half way point No holding these ladies down. Canopy is forming again getting more and more solid. Leaving them alone for now. The penalty is pretty stiff for covering a bud site It’s been a struggle to keep humidity down in this tent. Finally got it dialed in. 32%-40%. Co2 bag is about useless with the airflow I have to pump through this little tent. Carbon filter had to come off for better airflow and now I’m venting straight outside. 2 exhaust and 2 intakes. 1 and 1 is enough for lower light usage. If I got all the lights on, I kick that on to keep it at 75 Buds are looking great. Pictures hardly do justice. Lower buds are joining the upper buds

4 years ago

ClandestineWestOz Those plants bounced back very well. They are looking great 👍

Cindy What a difference!!

Day: 50

Day 23 Flower Ok 2 days after the hack job. 3 plants are doing very nicely growing leave size and buds. 1 however is struggling. 24 hour photos show some growth but slow. The clawing of the leaves indicates a Nitrogen toxicity, which I doubt, no yellowing and I haven’t been giving much N for the last 2 weeks. Plus, I always have about 20% runoff. I’ll make up some extra Nuts tomorrow and give it extra runoff in case. Maybe do a 50% Nut. Mix. Buds buds everywhere. They will look real pretty when they fatten up and fill in. Last picture from bottom bud to top, that is almost 1 foot.

4 years ago

ClandestineWestOz Trichome production in full swing. Your ladies look beautiful even half naked still like they are 👍

Robibus Won’t post pictures yet, but the one plant that didn’t look so well is starting to straighten out them leaves and grow

Day: 48


OMG what have I done. Don’t hate me ladies. Day 21 of flowering and my exsperiment of Major defoliation continues. This is the last pruning and if the ladies survive this, I’m hoping for some fat major buds as they fill in. They are not looking so impressive anymore. , but it’s all open now for that light to hit all them buds Meanwhile outside the last of the snow is melting. Spring is coming

4 years ago

ClandestineWestOz Damn!!! Total transformation, are they the same plants ? I’ve gone the other route, wouldn’t have removed more than 50 leaves my entire grow lol . Im sure your harvest will be a winner bro those Bud sites now have maximum light penetration so I doubt you’ll get popcorn buds 👍

Robibus Trust me I’m a little worried.


Ducatiboy Yea you went over board i would put more blue lights on to help with recovery.

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Day: 45

New light yesterday. Bestva 1500watt LED. I still added 2 of my 300watt LEDs on the sides for better coverage. Cloudy outside they get only the big one. When it’s sunny they get them all. Offgrid grows can be challenging. Girls are filling in more and more. Still not pruning till next week. Opened up the tent this morning and a wonderful aroma hit me. Maintaining 40% humidity 75 degrees daytime. Hard keeping the temp down with all lights on. I got 2 exhaust fans and one intake on full power 40% humidity and 66 degrees at night

4 years ago

ClandestineWestOz They are looking awesome bro! You are doing a great job here buddy keep it up.


Ducatiboy Heck ya!!! Keep them ladies going!

Ktown Looking sweet!

Day: 43

Officially entered 3rd week of flower. Looking so pretty. Trying hard to say NO to more trimming. I only removed a few leaves in the last couple days, lol.

4 years ago

ClandestineWestOz They look beautiful. Is this from ILGM or another seed bank?

ClandestineWestOz I’ve been tossing up between the banana lush and strawberry lush from ILGM that’s why I ask.

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Day: 40


Still trimming leaves off little by little. Girls don’t seem to mind it much. Trying hard to keep bud site exsposed to light and better air flow. Lots of smaller bud sites under the canopy which I hope will all come up after the day 21 major defoliation I did try some stem mutilation on one plant that was getting tall colas. She is ok but a few brown leaves on the top cola. They are turning up which is a good sign. However last time I will be doing stem mutilation on this grow. Don’t really know what I’m doing, just experimenting. Comments and suggestions welcomed The magic is starting. A close up of a bud with crystal covered leaves.

4 years ago

Day: 38

I could not stand it anymore and gave my ladies a trim. This grow is about exsprimenting with defoliation. This was just to exspose more of the bud sites. Also removed some lower bud sites that won’t amount to anything.

4 years ago


Ducatiboy Hhooooooooooooo weeeeeee!!! Get it ladies!

Day: 37

Growing back in so fast. Keeping humidity down is hard. Waiting till day 21 for next defoliation. Been only clipping the leaves covering bud sites. Which is everywhere!

4 years ago

Day: 33

Starting 2nd week of flower. All showing signs of entering flowering. They have all grown back and filled in again from last weeks heavy pruning. Next heavy defoliation scheduled on day 21.

4 years ago


Ducatiboy Dayum!!! Go ladies go!!! Like my wife pussy i beat it down and its gets and swollen, give it a week and tight and small like we are in high-school again! Haha!!

Day: 29

Just did my first defoliation and switched to 12/12

4 years ago


Ducatiboy Is this legit banana kush? Where you get it from clone only. Definitely a bomb strain if its legit!

Robibus Seeds came from a good source. I would hope them to be legit.