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SF 1000D 2x2 tent. Recycled Gia green soil

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Day 103 (Week 15)


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Day: 103

Last night watered T 6.5ph. Runoff at 1. Added 1tbs of 4-4-4 and 2-8-4 (total of 2) 3 tbs of worm castings and topped up with soil.

a day ago

Day: 99


Bud let’s forming. Still seeing signs of what looks like potassium deficiency. Added 3tbs worm castings. Watered at 6.6 runoff 6.7

5 days ago

Day: 94

Watered at 6.5ph and runoff was 7

9 days ago

Day: 88


Trimmed Aaron and Jade. Jade yielded 15g Aaron came in at 24g. Flipped Luke to 12/12 deficiency starting to clear up

16 days ago

Day: 84


Watered yesterday at 6.4, runoff was 6.5 colour coming back to the leaves looking healthier again

20 days ago

Day: 77

I’ve realized now it’s been about 45 days since my last feeding. Fed 1/2tbs GG All purpose and 1/2tbs GG Bloom and 3tbs work castings. Watered at 6.53pH. RH about 45% looking to get a humidifier.

a month ago

Day: 75


Chopped Jade and Aaron. Watered Luke at 6.5 ph with liquid seaweed (1Tbsp per gallon) and runoff was 6.84 looks like nitrogen deficiency.

a month ago

Day: 70

Watered Luke with 2tbsp/3 gallon liquid seaweed to water at 6.4ph, runoff at 6.9

a month ago

Day: 69

Added 2tbsp to 1 gal and watered left plant (Luke). All plants watered with 6.5pH. Looks like it may be a nitrogen deficiency/lockout. Will flush on next watering. RH at 45% to prioritize flowering plants which may be causing deficiency. I will likely chop next week, trichomes looking mostly cloudy with a few amber

a month ago

Day: 64

Looks like Luke has a cal mag deficiency. I added Gaia green 444 and worm castings recently so there should not be any deficiency. Watered at 6.5 ph and runoff was 7. Flushed with water 0h’d down to 6.0, runoff was 6.3. Hopefully ph adjustment will fix issue

a month ago


Caliban You can get quick results with some Epsom salt dissolved and sprayed foliar if needed.

Day: 57

Lookin frosty! Added 1Tbsp of AP and BLOOM. 3Tbsp worm castings and 1/2 cup of re used soil. On the 4th plant and watered at 6.7pH with similar runoff. Did some defoliation and supercropping of tallest stems.

2 months ago

Day: 53

Getting big on the left, fade is looking good

2 months ago

Day: 53

Starting to get some amber, may chop next week

2 months ago


mnyone81 On the buds or sugar leaves? She still looks like she needs some time from this shot

ash6793 I saw them on the buds, and I would typically give it more time still but the third plant is starting to takeover the tent . So I’m planning on using the other two to make some tincture and keep the third for the flower

Day: 48

Looking good. Rh adjusted down to 50, +/- 3. Luke (non flowering) is 12” tall. Watered at 6.7pH and runoff was 6.3 for all plants

2 months ago

Day: 42


Watered yesterday at 6.65, runoff at 6.3. Buds fattening up. Still no change in Luke

2 months ago

Day: 37


Watered at 6.7pH. Runoff was 6.00pH and plants looking good, flowering plants praying. Top dressed with 1Tbsp 284 Bloom and 3Tbsp worm castings each. Light defoliation of larger fan leaves on bottom and blocking bud sites

2 months ago

Day: 33

Lookin’ good!

2 months ago

Day: 31

Watered to runoff at 6.7pH, Runoff = about 6.0pH on all three. Named plants. Jade in back, Aaron front right, Luke front left. Luke nitrogen deficiency seems cleared up, still no flowers

2 months ago

Day: 30

Flowering plants moved to 18” from light

2 months ago

Day: 27

Still no water since last watering update. Will give a light watering in AM. All plants had adjustment to leaf tucking, all looking good. Rear plant still no training, just tucked some fan leaves

3 months ago

Day: 25

Front left might have nitrogen deficiency, will check runoff ph on next watering

3 months ago

Day: 23

Watered un-pH’d water (7.5) until light runoff (6.5) photo to follow in AM

3 months ago

Day: 19

Started LST with two front plants. For humidity control, kitchen towel is damp and exhaust fan set to maintain 62-67%RH

3 months ago

Day: 16

Watered at 6.5pH. Water runoff = 5.5pH

3 months ago

Day: 13


Watered yesterday at 6.4ph until a little runoff. Leaves were looking a pale green but have started getting better since adjusting pH.

3 months ago

Day: 0

Planted in 1.5 gal pots. Reused Gia soil. Amended with 5tbsp Gaia all purpose, 4tbsp Gaia Bloom and 9tbsp worm castings in about 4.5 gal of medium

3 months ago