Durban Dew 4x2

New living soil bed, has cooked for over a month

4x2 rain science bed with a lava rock, perlite, pumice, and play sand ~1.5in sand filter. The mix is ~2 part sphagnum ~1 buffered coco ~1.5 pumice ~2 rice hulls ~2 CoM lobster compost; and coots nutes, a touch of rainbow mix bloom. Full mix and measurements will be posted… BAS cover crop blend

Durban Dew Dutch Passion

Day 32 (Week 5)


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Day: 39

Topped! A little late, by some standards. This is my first photo run, so I’ve never dealt with it before. Humidity is cranked up to 70+, I cut above the 5th node, they seem do be aight. I’ll probably give them a little water w fulvic or Liqui dirt and that’ll be that for topping

6 months ago

Day: 32

I should top soon. I probably will in about a week

6 months ago


rookiemaster101 I would top now


rookiemaster101 It’s a preference but usually wanna wait until 2nd or 3rd now

TheSocialGrower I’ll just be gone this week thru thanksgiving and wanna be there to make sure they’re getting proper humidity & care. I’ll probably flip them to flower soon after

Day: 27

I’m new to photos, so I gotta figure out when to top these guys. Above the 5th node is what I’ve always heard. Both are putting out their 5th now, so I think they’ll be due for topping in a week or two. Hopefully it’s after thanksgiving so I can be around to check on it in the following days. I added a humidifier, which means they don’t have to deal w ~35%RH anymore. Gotta trim some of the grabby ass cover crop away from the girls. I’ve given some fish hydrolysate, Liqui-dirt, and ful power w the waterings.

7 months ago

Day: 13

A lil yellow, moving along tho. Gonna plant them into the soil today

7 months ago

Day: 9

Top dress Tuesday (it’s not Tuesday): 2 spoonfuls (~.5T/spoonful) BAS castings 1 spoonful Coots nutes .5 spoonful crab meal pinch Coots minerals little sprinkles of BioAg TM7, Humix, & VAM also chopped a bunch of the cover crop and tried to scratch it into the soil

7 months ago

Day: 8


Yup mhmm making their way. Gave a little half dose of fulvic, seaweed, and silica and top dressed the solids from ion-14 silica. They getting a little leggy but we’ll persevere

7 months ago

Day: 4

Already getting long as hell💀 they’re supposed to be tall sativas but damn. Upped the lights and backed off the humidity. Not sure what’s going on w the leaf on the left… no pests to be seen other than the foliage muncher in the first 2 pics who hasn’t been in there. Gonna start watering with some combination of dilute seaweed, fulvic, and silica. You know I can’t stay away from the liquid ferts

7 months ago


jamies-garden You know sometimes those first leaves just get messed up. Your setup etc is beautiful. They babies look happy as can be.

Day: 3

A lil janky on the seedling setup… I usually keep em in the lung room but I’m running it super low humidity for flower tent. We running the salad greens box w the upside down Tupperware dome🔥🔥🔬🔬🥼🧑‍🔬👩‍🔬

7 months ago

GrNadeGrade 💣

GrNadeGrade 💣 😂 Those salad green containers. Always good to have a couple lying around.

TheSocialGrower Couldn’t even get a second one as a dome💀

Day: 1

Oh no I hope these aren’t marijuana sprouts

7 months ago

apexpred If they are you can send them to me for discrete incineration 😉

TheSocialGrower Thank god we’ve got such a supportive, law abiding community here


amithus That really would be a shame if it were an illegal PLANT. I mean really… Whoever thought that crap up (Nixon) can jump off a cliff.

Day: 0

So it begins! No tiger stripes on the seeds, I’m sure I don’t need to be concerned but I’ve always heard stripes indicate maturity/vigor. I’ve always assumed fairly good things about Dutch Passion (mostly from Grow Diaries reviews), but maybe the deal was too good… Anyway, ful power and NH “seaweed plant food” (ascophyllum nodosum) soak. I’m always tempted to try H2O2 soak but my gut tells me it gets the microbes off on the wrong foot. I’ll post more details about the setup, the tinkerer in me is very proud of it.

8 months ago