Pink Lemonade

Organic living Soil

First attempt at using Subcool’s Super Soil recipe for a 4 plant, 2X4 grow

Indica-Dominant Hybrid

Day 119 (Week 17)

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Day: 119

The girls have just been watered and are heading into their last two weeks of flower right now and are starting to fade out and the dark purple hues are definitely coming through. Been having some pH troubles about mid flower till now and have just corrected them so I’m going to assume that’s the reason some of these buds aren’t packing on the mass I would like, aside from that the grow has been going very well. The current room conditions are 75°F and 57% RH

4 years ago

Day: 100

Girls on the left are showing some signs of Calmag deficiency so I watered them down with a Calmag mixture in hopes to correct this problem soon. Plants are stacking nicely going into this week. I have been watering every 2-3 days or until the plants are light to lift and/or the topsoil is dry. Stretching is officially done and the girls finishing standing tall at about 2ft

4 years ago

Day: 92

Buds are stacking nicely as we get a couple days into week 3! Girls are looking nice and healthy following the light defoliation I did the last couple night to expose some more prime bud sites! I have only been watering when dry w/ very little to no run off, I might brew up a compost tea just to boost the P K levels but I will see how the ladies are doing later this week and base my decision off that!

4 years ago

Day: 83

Week 2 of flower and the girls are doing great!! All I’ve been doing is selectively defoliating the last couple days to allow light to reach all levels of the canopy. I’m going to defoliate once more during the next watering and that will be the last time I defoliate the plant. Currently the light is approx. 18” from the top of the canopy... and is actually at the highest height possible for this tent. The plants have stretched about 6-8 inches in height since being flipped into flower for a total plant height of ~2ft.

4 years ago

Day: 74

these girls are looking very good after just being flipped over into flower just 2 days ago! The one problem plant has made a decent recovery from the nutrient deficiencies she was experience the past couple weeks. A few Calmag waterings and she’s good as new although, the effects are noticed in the rather small size compared to the other 3 plants. All in all though, the plants are doing very well rn. I am just selectively defoliating to allow more sunlight to the bud sites, other than that there is no other training going on at this point.

4 years ago


Kokonot Kopen

Day: 67

The one light yellow plant is showing some cal mag deficiencies. I originally thought it was light stress caused by the LED but I’m think now that it was a combination of both. The light has now been moved ~22” away from the top of the the tallest plant. The other 3 are doing well showing some deficiencies so I had recently fed a compost tea and supplemented some CalMag as well. Hopefully they recover quickly as I would like to flip to flower soon but want them healthy before I do so

4 years ago

Day: 51

These girls have been recovering very well since being topped and re-trained. 2 girls are showing a slight calcium deficiency so I will be top dressing with dolomite lime. Light is currently hanging 18” above the canopy at full strength. Bushing our nicely with great 1/2” - 1” nodal spacing.

4 years ago

Day: 42

Girls have been responding very well to the mainline training. This is one day after being topped and retrained outwards. 2 plants on the right are top performers showing v good resilience and vigorous growth. The other two plants are growing at a slightly slower/less vigorous rate

4 years ago

Day: 33

Girls were topped down to the 2nd-3rd node and then excess branches were also cut in order to prepare for mainlining

4 years ago

Day: 28

Plants are doing very well in the larger containers. Aside from the one runt all the girls are roughly 4-5 nodes y’all. Some slight nute burn marks on a few fan leaves but nothing to worry about. Looking good after first week of veg.

4 years ago

Canadakush519 Are these by chance the 34 street pink lemonade seeds?

Day: 19

3/4 plants have been transplanted into new 3 gallon pots. Bottom half filled with Subcool super soil, top half prolix HP

4 years ago

Day: 13

1 week update: All 4 seeds have popped and 3/4 are working on their second set of true leaves. Simply watering every other day or until top inch is dry

4 years ago

Day: 6

The last 2 girls popped through this morning

4 years ago

Day: 4

2/4 girls have popped through the soil after 4 days, just waiting for the other 2 now 🤞🏽

4 years ago

Day: 1

The seeds have been placed into Promix HP potting soil and are waiting to pop through the top layer of soil

4 years ago