Blotto’s First Grow

Early spring.

Three White LSD auto female seeds sprouted in Jiffy pellets in cabinet. Transplanted into 3 inch pots with Happy Frog potting soil. First 2 days, 24 hour light then reduced to 18/6.


Day 87 (Week 13)

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Day: 87


2 years ago

Day: 83

Might give them another week.

2 years ago

Day: 78

Eh in

2 years ago

Day: 75


2 years ago

Day: 61


2 years ago

Day: 40


3 years ago

Day: 30

Treated with Cal mag and increased water still concerned with the yellowing leaves.

3 years ago

Day: 27

Still yellowing

3 years ago

Day: 22


3 years ago

Day: 17

Plants roughly 4 inches tall some yellowing on the bottom leaves which I believe to be attributed to a little too much water.

3 years ago

Day: 12

18/6 light schedule

3 years ago

Day: 11

18/6 light scheduled

3 years ago

Day: 7

1-2 inches tall on 18/6 light cycle with neutral water.

3 years ago

CKDrouin I feel like your light might be a little low/close to the plants. Ive found about 18inches above the canopy at this stage works well