1st Grow

Jan 2020

Seeds from lemon sour diesel and hulk

Random seeds

Day 30 (Week 5)

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Day: 30

Off to their new home today. This was fun but my job don’t allow me to smoke.

3 years ago

Buddy57 So do u just grow your plant’s in the bathroom with a light?

Ecoast410 I did yes. I live alone with a couple bathrooms I don’t use. Keeps the humidity in that room alone without killing the electric bill. I had started building an indoor greenhouse in my basement but I’m headed overseas so f-it I’ll get to it later.

Day: 26

Slowly getting some results.

3 years ago

Day: 21

About to change to bigger pots.

3 years ago

Day: 17

Changed to florescent blue lights 2 days ago and can see positive results.

3 years ago

Day: 12

Added some soil and water. Light cycle 18/6.

3 years ago

Day: 11

Slow but moving

3 years ago

Day: 6

Changed to plastic cups with holes for drainage. I opted for clear cups to see the root development. I do t see anyone doing it is there any effects?

3 years ago

Guttaboy9 No effects you should be fine👌🏾

Day: 5


This is what I have after 5 days. What’s next?

3 years ago

Guttaboy9 What strain? And it will be really hard to transfer that to a bigger pot due to shape.

Ecoast410 The seeds came from some lemon sour diesel and two of them from some hulk stuff. I thought about the shape as-well I thought solo cups and I see many on here use those. Can I transfer them right away and no cause a bunch of stress on the plant? I guess that’s my only option anyway

Guttaboy9 Yeah that might be your best bet before you get lots of roots, but I like the glass concept. You can use a small cup with small holes at the bottom for some good drainage.

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