Cheese Auto

January - May 2019

Seed gifted to me from @simplesm0ke

Cheese Auto

Day 52 (Week 8)

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Day: 52


5 years ago

Plantboy What did you find out the reason is for your lower brown leaves

Day: 37

Missed quite a few updates but tied down for the past three days, looks great

5 years ago

Day: 6

Switched light, Humidity 60, Temp 70😎

5 years ago

Day: 5

Switched lightbat 11:40 Jan 13th, from 125w to LED panel for heat reasons

5 years ago

Day: 4


Working on getting my environment right, don’t have long before it needs to be on lock🔊

5 years ago

Day: 3

This is the same day, around 12 hours later the seeing broke soil, watered lightly!

5 years ago

Day: 2

I put the seed under soil with a small tap root coming out of the seed, germed from bag. Has not broken soil yet.

5 years ago


Ducatiboy Off to a good start!

Plantboy How deep did you go bud

Day: 1

I put the seed in on the sixth of January, it took about two days to grow a small tap root to which I planted

5 years ago