Fall 2021

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Day 37 (Week 6)

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Day: 37

Goddamn it spider mites. Tossed my clones out and sprayed everything with bleach water. Iā€™m sick to my stomach bc I know my flower room has the mites by now. Going to spray them with plant therapy tonight

10 months ago


zdgrows37 You spray bleach on something you plan on smoking?


annmiky lol I sprayed bleach on the tent the bugs were in, not my plants!!


annmiky I use plant therapy on my plants

Day: 22

Potted 5 more

10 months ago

Day: 21

Hopefully getting adopted today

10 months ago

Day: 20


So big I gotta transplant these lol

10 months ago

Day: 15

Need to move some to 1gal pots

10 months ago


Funky84 šŸ‘šŸ»

Day: 11

Survived the Dairy Queen upside down test! Roots are full and ready to transplant

a year ago

Day: 7

Happy girls! going to give 2 to someone tomorrow

a year ago

Day: 6



a year ago

Day: 3

They need water pretty often. Swipe to see some cuties

a year ago

Day: 1


6 in cups, 8 in the cloner

a year ago