Blackbaerry og “mother” flower

Four month veg

This plant was used to take about 45 clones from. She started producing flowers about a week ago, as of August 7th. Nutrients used GH Flora trio Humboldt golden tee (additive)

Blackberry og (Emerald Trianlge)

Day 195 (Week 28)

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Day: 195

Starting to flush this little lady. Using florakleen since I’ve used some notes heavier than in the past, this plant is also the biggest one I’ve grown. Need a new light, my mars 96 reflector series isn’t cutting it anymore! Lol. Still very happy with this plant and hope to see 3+ oz yield.

4 years ago

Day: 187

Believe I’m week 6 day 7 of flower but could be week 5day 7 as I wasn’t really keeping track and I’m going based off photo timelines

4 years ago

Day: 183


She’s shaping up nice and starting to put on weight. Needing to be supported in a few spots the tops are tipping.

4 years ago

Day: 180


Actual top’s are starting to put on weight quick. Currently giving it 4ml flora micro/8 ml flora bloom and 2 ml of humboldt secret golden tree for an additive. 5 weeks done flower and hopefully in the next 3-4 weeks she puts on a substantial amount of weight. Hoping it’s done in 9 weeks but will be checking with my phone microscope to heck trichomes for readiness. Been having a very humid streak weather wise but my rooms back down to 49% humidity thank god lol.

4 years ago

Day: 176

Looking very nice. Gonna get a higher wattage light probably 1000w Mars.

4 years ago

Day: 174

Looking nice and hopefully start putting on some weight in week 5-6

4 years ago

Day: 172


Starting to get much bigger and fill up, the top I’m holding is already tipping over.

4 years ago

Day: 169

She’s really taking off in week 3 and got a big defoliation.

4 years ago

Highwolf419 Just wanted to say thanks about to do second application and she is doing much better. Are you on youtube? Saw someone with the same nickname with some great vids.

Ontariogrower No problem, I have been lucky to not have any pest problems since I’ve started. Nope not on YouTube, maybe later when I feel like my weeds top notch lol.

Day: 168


Looks like the higher p and k is helping with the deficiency I was having. Hasn’t got worse in the last week now.

4 years ago

Day: 164

Filling out nicely quick.

4 years ago

Day: 162

Everyday there’s a noticeable difference and I love turning on the lights. Adding golden tree to try and get this plant healthy again, slowly tapering off my grow nutrient over the next few feedings.

4 years ago

Day: 160


Deficiency popping up with a bit of rust colour spots, very small on some leaves. Phosphorus deficiency from what I can tell on the internet. Any help would be appreciated.

4 years ago

Day: 158

About one week into flower, was started from seed back in the start of March.

4 years ago

Highwolf419 Looking good. You must have experience. Im somewhat in need of a mentor. Hit me up if ya got time.

Ontariogrower Will do! I’m not brand new but I’ve only got about 4 grows under my belt. Usually running 3-7 plants

Day: 124

Just before I started prepping her for flower. Had to pull it out of my room to make alterations to my door to fit the pot and plant back in after transplanting to a much bigger pot. my room is 3.5x3.5’. Got to have a good look while I had it out and then did a defoliation.

4 years ago