ManBearAlienPig x Ice N Baked

Just potted!

Just potted my seed! This is round 4! Accidentally germinated with water mixed with grow nutrients! Surprisingly tap root was ready to plant within 24 hrs.. I’m by no means a professional!

ManBearAlienPig x Ice n Baked

Day 11 (Week 2)

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Day: 11

She’s getting bigger. Ordering things to get some clones. Will be taking clones in about 2 weeks or so!

4 months ago

Day: 3

Slowly seeing new growth. Ph is perfect. Temp is perfect. Just started germinating a double grape seed as well. Will post more updates. 1 in 2 days and 1 for next week. Let’s go

5 months ago

Day: 2

Just transplanted last night. It’s a little early but I went ahead and hit her with some cal mag in the soil just to give her a little push.

4 months ago

Day: 1

We did it!

5 months ago