Mk Ultra Scrog


4 MK Ultra plants in 3 gallon in 2x2x5 grow tent 400w COB led recieved as clones

Mk ultra

Day 15 (Week 3)

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Day: 15


Fed the girls last night. Started the aggressive veg feed. Did a minor defoliation. Girls showing a lot of new growth. Look extremely happy, during dark period yesterday I sprayed the plants with insecticide soap and added some sticky traps for bug prevention. Current temp 78.9 f 51 % humidity I live Vancouver bc Canada 🇨🇦 bc bud MK Ultra

6 years ago

Day: 12


The girls are still on a 18/6 cycle no feed or water today. The girls are showing more new grow everyday..

6 years ago

Day: 10

Just gave the girls some water I don’t have the meters so I can’t check ppm or ph at this point hoping for the best. They seem to be doing just fine so far 🙏

6 years ago

Day: 9

No feeding soil still moist. I rotate the plants everyday not sure if necessary.

6 years ago

Day: 8

I have added another fan for air circulation. Light was reset to 24” above plants. Still on a 18/6 cycle veg.

6 years ago

Day: 7

The plants are currently 2 - 3 inches tall on a 18/6 light cycle given light nutrients

6 years ago

Amillz322 New to growing u see anything, have tips or want to mentor, feel free to comment