OG Auto

Spring 2021

One single OG kush auto, she will grow to be a very strong and independent woman. Dare I say, an absolute head turner. In due time


Day 9 (Week 2)

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Day: 9

To any one who can help. I’m growing an OG kush auto flower and I’m concerned with the current state of my little girl. It’s being water properly and I don’t think it’s too hott in the tent. Any ideas on what it could be would be welcomed! Time is of the essence

3 years ago


2x2growbro Solo cup stage is a bitch, are you watering by eye or by weight of the cup, are you feeding at all? Have you been looking after PH, lastly how intense is your light, cause from what I see which is hard to tell could just be shees got wet feet

johnsond97 I’m currently watering by eye, just for about enough water to run out of the bottom that would fill up the bottom portion of the cup. I’m not feeding at all yet, I do pH test the water before every watering. The light may be intense? I’m not sure. I have a full spectrum light and running it about 18 hours a day. I’m not sure!


zenith37 Soil looks hot . Seed starter mix with microbes

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Day: 2

2nd day out of seed

3 years ago