First Grow

Spring 2020

Started with 2 clones and 2 seeds kept 2 of the seeds and 1 clone. All started in solo cup then transferred to 7 gallon fabric pot. Using a mixture of garden and potting soil using cal mag and fox farm nutes

Chemdawg & cornbread

Day 95 (Week 14)

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Day: 95

May 31st

3 years ago

Day: 88


May 24th bud Sites are thinking

3 years ago

Day: 73

May 9th

3 years ago

Day: 64

Buds are beginning to form looking good!

3 years ago

Day: 61

Looking healthy started flower nutes

3 years ago

Day: 56


Looking good

3 years ago

Day: 49

One of the plants has a nute burn but not sure. I plan to try and go to flower on day 60.

3 years ago

Day: 46

Topped and pinched a little late it kinda got away from me but wanna get it to fill out more before I switch it to harvest

3 years ago

DannyDbudz Also I believe I have nute burn

Day: 30

Transplant day

3 years ago

Day: 29

They’re looking good transplant soon

3 years ago

Day: 16

Big growth in just 5 days from last picture

3 years ago

Day: 11

Leaves starting to grow

3 years ago

DannyDbudz Clones are bottom picture

Day: 3

You can start to see the stem

3 years ago

Day: 1

Just sprouting

3 years ago