Auto blueberry & sweetooth

Bluetooth blue dream

Plant is growing in super soil(BIO BIZZ all mix- and light mix also organic compost mix). Hydro coco nutrient s grow .bloom.pkboost.

Hybrid mix

Day 89 (Week 13)

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Day: 89


6 years ago


Wiser_greenery That’s good growing brethren

Mojo I have a blueberry auto gnomic day 100 my tops aren’t as big as yours and I have 1000 W on this one auto

Day: 77

2-3weeks left to flower

6 years ago

Day: 74

Coming on nicely

6 years ago

Day: 64

Fast plant very very fast and promising

6 years ago

Day: 57


6 years ago

Day: 54

Very healthy

6 years ago

Day: 47

After fuming good result

6 years ago

Day: 34

Fimmed twice LS T to achieve 6 new mains colas

6 years ago

Day: 25

Plant fim-ing lst . Slowed growth but looks ok

6 years ago

Day: 15

Over feed little getting better

6 years ago

Day: 10

Auto bluetooth Plant is currently under 18/600w LEd full spec 5w doublebulb .

6 years ago