White widow

First grow summer 2018

From a Mexico seed company, been trying to pop sense may 20th. Some started to produce roots and now one of the planted seeds has sprouted. Hopefully the rest will follow along and sprout.

White widow (90day miracle)

Day 21 (Week 3)

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Day: 21

Loving their new lights, now that they are under them they haven’t stretched any more but still very active growth! Second set of leaves are now set so this I guess technically marks week 1 of Veg. The corner plant is way tall but very strong so not leaning or collapsing, the others are still around 1in. and now on track to stay smaller from now on.

6 years ago

queenZee Any new updates?

Day: 20

Finally they are all home under the new light. Have to stint a couple plants but have a fan blowing nicely on them to strengthen themselves up a bit. Not much change in height which is a good thing. Unfortunately some stretched just way too much from the lighting issues I had, luckily I need to make some room in the box so I’ll send some of these stretchers outdoors eventually.

6 years ago

Day: 18

Some of these W.W. have stretched way more than I would want, trying to get it under control soon. But the second sets are starting to come in nice and the plants are healthy overall!

6 years ago

Day: 16

Sometimes you just need to accept defeat. The lighting and everything just was not working out in my box, need to work on my electrician skills. In the mean time I needed to get the plants back under some decent lighting. Fortunately my brother was willing to “plant sit” for me while I got things more under control in my space. Plants have stretched a bit but hopefully my brothers space will get them back under control.

6 years ago

Day: 14

Little bonus day! I clearly underestimated the amount of viable seeds I had. Yesterday planted two more WW seeds that started rooting and today they are popping out. I guess that goes to show don’t give up too soon on keeping your seeds moist in paper towels, it may take some extra time but it can pay off! Only problem is I am going to start running out of room in my grow box with all these plants... but That’s the beat problem to have is think.

6 years ago

Day: 13

Cups are labeled but the plants are not in any particular order in the box; these white widow “90 day wonder” auto’s love to stretch though so they are easy to spot (the tall ones spread around). WW plants all around 2-3 in. (If you look three cups back and to the right there’s a white widow that I left lower in the cup in case they kept stretching, so that one I’ll be able to put more soil in and hope for better rooting). Temp. 23’C, RH is 50-55% approximately, watering changing from a mist bottle several times a day to a full watering schedule.

6 years ago

Day: 11

These autos seem to stretch much more than the other plants so I needed to place theme deeper down into the cups, making sure to moisten the dirt and add Extreme’s “mykos” to the root area.

6 years ago

Day: 8

Just sprouted in the last couple hours.

6 years ago