First grow log

Spring 2022

Outdoor grow. Started 1.5 days in plate on damp paper towel then into mini green house tray with loom soil (fox farms ocean)/ seed starter soil mix.

Dos si dos (feminized)

Day 196 (Week 28)

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16 photos

Day: 196

The drying process is commencing

a year ago

Day: 191

These look ready to harvest to me what does everyone think?

a year ago


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Day: 170

My plants are flowering nicely. This is my first grow does anyone have any tips or signs to look out for when it’s time to harvest. Thanks guys!

a year ago

kenlowsmokes My best recommendation is to get a jewelers loop ! From my understanding the amber trichomes more physical the more milky or cloudy would be psychoactive and I believe for psychoactive you want mostly milky but not completely sure 


berrygoodstf Thank you! I just purchased one on Amazon based on your recommendation

kenlowsmokes Hell yeah man! I'm still getting use to mine ! I'll look at nugs really high def perfect for seeing trichomes YouTube is a great source to learn how to really get the hang of it

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Day: 161

Looking gorgeous at about 8 ft tall. Any tips for this new grower as my plants go into their flowering stage

a year ago


HeritageSecretGarden Nice job if it ain’t broke don’t fuck with it

stick e fingerz

stick e fingerz Looks damn good 👍 you’re on the home stretch now 😎

Day: 112

Transferred all my plants into 25 gallon grow bags

a year ago

Chief Smokalot

Chief Smokalot It’s definitely easier said then done👍


berrygoodstf Yes it is. I was bummed I had to cut into the smaller grow bags

Chief Smokalot

Chief Smokalot How come? If you let them dry out then the medium holds together and you could either roll the bag off or pull it from the bottom. I never had to cut a bag besides when I cut the bottom of this one to satisfy this monster plant I grew where I stacked two 27g pots

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Day: 86

Look at this beauty 😍😍

2 years ago


bigsammy Love it


organic_grower Looks awesome!

Day: 76

A few of my plants are looking a little rough. Someone suggested that they have nitrogen burn. What do my plant peoples think?? What can I do to help my plants recover?

2 years ago


Secman Flush


Caliban Hot soil. Flush and consider transplanting

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Day: 69

Transplanted the majority of my plants in 10 gallon grow bags today I used a mix of ocean fox farm mixed with some potting soil/ cactus soil and peat moss. Hopefully the plants don’t mind my homemade mix

2 years ago

Day: 58

Just wanted to share a photo of my plants so far. I’m pretty obsessed. I lost one that was just not growing and now I’m down to 6 but these 6 are looking pretty healthy. I’m hoping to transplant this group into 10 gallon grow bags soon. What are the risks with transferring plants into too large a grow bag too soon??

2 years ago

RichMcflyy Lookin good growmie 🔥🪴😎


berrygoodstf Thanks 🌳 🌳🌳🫶


berrygoodstf This made my day btw I’ve never been called a growmie before

Day: 50

I had my first little start die 😕 I think I may have transplanted it before it’s roots were strong enough. Now I have 7 plants total. Day 50 and my plants are still very small and I am not sure why. I’m feeding them a few teaspoons of “grow big” fertilizer by fox farms when I water them every few days.

2 years ago

herchy What soil are you using?


BontanicalGirl This is my first grow as well.. I am using fox farm ocean forest soil and started using the grow big fertilizer and their doing great. What I did different, once the germinated I put them in 5 gallon pots so I wouldn’t have to move them


berrygoodstf I’m also using the fox farm ocean. I was debating on when to put them in 5 gallon grow bags. Some of them had a rough time when I first transplanted them. Keep me updated this is also my first grow.

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Day: 40

Transplanted my larger starts into 1 gallon nursery pots about a week earlier. There was a significant amount of leaf burn and I trimmed some of the burnt leaves in order to hopefully refocus the roots. I will have to be more careful when I transplant my remaining starts to avoid this problem. The starts still seem to be thriving. I had to relocate the starts indoors for a few days when the temperatures outside were freezing. I decided to move my remaining starts a little earlier into 1 gallon containers and I am monitoring their progress

2 years ago

Day: 20

5 out of 12 seeds germinated into happy starts. I planted four more dos si dos seeds for a total of 8 out of 16 sprouts

2 years ago