Cult classic genetics

Fall 2021

Cult classic indica leaning hybrid. Should get big buds with thick resin in 7.5 weeks flower time. Running dry amendments from Dr. Earth for veg and switching to nectar for the gods in flower.

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Day 84 (Week 12)

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Day: 84

Day 34 of flower…..I was way too overzealous with watering my plants three days ago and it’s stunted growth for sure. But the plants are coming back today. I won’t be making that mistake again! Pistol development is looking ve Beautiful. The ccolas the bud are starting to swell. And I’m getting a little bit more development in smell.

a year ago

Day: 77

Wall to wall growth. This is going to be a great yield! I need to get 2 fans in here asap to help kill the gnat population. Traps just arnt doing enough. Might put another light in here, sadly it’s a blurple one. Dr. Earth is killing it and it’s added microbes are really nice to have. Mikrobs super charged soilmicrobes I bought off amazon is a great tea alternative and cheaper than recharge.

a year ago

Day: 53

The girls were practically begging to be moved into flower. I can tell due to how fast they started growing from the 12/12 light cycle. I mean really explosive growth within three days it’s awesome! I’m getting a little bit of tip burning on the bottom left plant. But all the other plants seem fine. I think this phenotype is extra sensitive to nitrogen. I know it’s nutrient burn because the plant isn’t slowing it’s growth. I’ll be adding microbes to help mitigate nutrient consumption. I might add a cover crop as well if I switch to purely nectar products, top feeding dry amendments would be a bitch with cover crop. I’ll add the second layer of trellis once the plants stop transitioning. 

a year ago

Day: 47

I’ll flip the girls into flower day 50. I see white fuzz at the top of my soil. Thought it was mold, turns out to be beneficial fungus and bacteria! That’s how bussin my microbes are! I’ll be defoliating a little bit but other than that I’m keeping the girls in auto pilot. Can’t wait to see how they grow in once they transition!

a year ago


beetlegrown Looking good how has this spacing worked for u in the past?

hellowillem It’s worked before. I like to have more plants for less veg time. It’s really crowded so once flower really kicks in I add more fans to keep humidity down and have nice flow. The high humidity now keeps my plants nice and happy, but my fungus gnat problem came back…

Day: 46

Plants have fully recovered from transplant and I believe the new microbes have inoculated the soil. I’m really impressed by this cheap alternative to recharge. I’ll definitely be using this in the future. I think the best watering method is 2 cups a day now that they are drinking a lot. 

a year ago

mystrain420 _@eaegifts

mystrain420 _@eaegifts You water daily I’m soil?

hellowillem Yes I water daily. 2 cups everyday to keep the soil moist. The topsoil drys out fast when I don’t so the microbes go into hibernation. I don’t do this with every grow, it just seems these genetics really like super moist soil :)

mystrain420 _@eaegifts

mystrain420 _@eaegifts Oo ok I was kinda thrown off by that for a min, I thought maybe you meant coco lol. Just my opinion but I think you shouldn’t do that because cannabis likes wet dry cycles and the excess water attracts gnats

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Day: 45

Moving the girls into flower this weekend, I think another week of growth might do them good but idk. Maybe I’ll wait 5 days and see how they look after that. I added microbes yesterday and they look super healthy from it. I can feel the roots staring to take over the full pot. The growth in veg is starting to slow and that means the lady’s are focusing on roots getting ready for that explosive growth in transition.

a year ago

Day: 42

Plants have recovered from transplanting and are going off, I will concoct a tea soon with my new bloom boost and worm castings. I’ll also be watering 1-2 times a week with nectar to support sugar levels and calcium absorption. I think the plants will be perfectly healthy by the time December rolls around. I need to be considering a new light soon. I’ll add a mulch layer as well.

a year ago

Day: 38

Plants are coming back from transplant shock and under watering, I will flip these plants once early December rolls around. I want these tops to be well established before I start flowering.

a year ago

Day: 37

Plants are stressed still, I think the cold is getting to them a bit. I will have them flowering as soon as they look healthy again, and the soil biology is back on track. Not happy about how long they’re taking to comeback from transplant shock. They’ll recover but we just wait.

a year ago

Day: 34

Added a net and transplanted. Keeping these babies going in veg until I need to top dress again and then I’m moving them into flower

a year ago

stick e fingerz

stick e fingerz Very nice 👍

Day: 32

Transplanted the lady’s. In 5 gallon fabric pots now. I’ll water tomorrow with SLF-100 and make a tea. When I add the tea I’ll also have the nectar in the brew as well. I’m adding a trellis net tomorrow, once that fills out I’ll flip the girls into flower. I won’t add another top dressing for 14 days.

a year ago

Day: 19

Definitely fed the girls too early so I won’t be feeding them practically the entire month. Probably will wait until the 22nd or 25th. Some of the phenotypes are handling the extra food. Some aren’t. I think if I’m going to Pheno hunt I will keep the plants that eat more.  on day 25 I will transplant and switch over to nectar for the gods.

a year ago

Day: 15

I’ve topped the girls. They seem to be fairly happy. A little sagging on one plant from over watering I think, she’s the runt of the tent. Recovering really well from topping. Next feeding will be on the 28th day. At that time I’ll think about transplanting if the plants are big enough. I’ll flower out in 5-7 gal pots.

a year ago

Day: 10

Light defoliation on the bottom. I’ll give these girls a few more days until I think about topping. For now I need to get a fungal gnat issue controlled before I pull off any high stress training. I might turn on the other light to see how they respond. Their lookin mighty healthy this run. Might stick to dry amendments from now on it’s been really easy. But I want to put on more weight with my nectar run using the hurc harvest and bloom booster. From some roots I see popping out the bottom, i can tell the microsphere is healthy. Fuzzy pearl white strands. I’m happy my girls are happy :)

a year ago

Day: 8

Girls are really praying! I’m seeing some slight yellowing but nothing I’m concerned about. Majority of plants arn’t yellowing so I think these phenotypes are just hungry

a year ago

Day: 3

All the girls are in, no transplant stress noticed so far. Their looking mighty healthy. White mycelium fuzz is forming in the cracks of the soil. Some plants are bushier than others. One has a very odd mutation. I’m going to re-veg the fabric pot as it seems the strongest phenotype. let’s go!

a year ago

p4tr1ck Wow this is you’re day 3!!

Day: 1

Transplanting. Officially the first day of veg.

a year ago