Two LSD-25 Autoflower seeds germinated in root riot directly in 5 gal Smart Pots filled with Happy Frog. One 450W Viparspectra LED grow light. In 3x3x6 grow tent.


Day 63 (Week 9)

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Day: 63

6/23/18-Slow growth up top. Lower colas still filling in. Used 1 gal RO water with one capful of Tiger Bloom between both plants. Smell is noticeably stronger.

6 years ago

Day: 58

6/18/2018- Not much growth either way on both of them. Smaller colas are still gaining a bit of weight. They should have one more growth spurt before it’s time to flush the soil. We’ll see. Watered ea plant 1/2 gal RO water with one capful of Tiger Bloom to the whole gallon. I’m hoping they still have some fattening left to do. Not much time left for them to gain much heft. Mildly disappointing to say the least. Let’s hope for that last growth spurt within a week.

6 years ago

Day: 53

6/13/18- Watered both plants with 1/2 gal. each of R.O. Water and 1.5 capfuls of Tiger Bloom. Did some light defoliation and light LST training to provide extra light for new bud sites. Observation: Plant #1 has a strong main cola and is filling in nicely. Pistils at the top of the main cola are starting to darken up and curl back slightly. These pistils are closest to the grow light and that may be a contributing factor. Plant #2 has several more smaller colas and bud sites developing than plant #1. Its main cola is significantly shorter than plant #1 and lacks the dark purple hues on the buds and sugar leaves that plant #1 has. However, plant #2 is developing orange hairs and lots of trichomes on the buds and sugar leaves. Almost as if they were different genetics. Very sticky.

6 years ago

Day: 50

6/10/18- Plants have slowed vertical growth significantly. Buds are fattening up now and are sticky to the touch; filling in the colas nicely. Buds and leaves are turning a deep shade of purple and are getting caked with crystals now. I replaced the two clip-on fans that burned out with an oscillating tower fan. Lots of air movement in spite of all the negative air pressure in the tent caused by the in-line fan and filter. Fragrance: Fruity and berry like; almost akin to grape juice with sweet, earthy diesel undertones. Not skunk like at all. Still, highly quaffable. The only nutrients I’ve used thus far is a capful of Fox Farms Tiger Bloom per gal. on the last two waterings. I may increase it next time I water. Last watering was 6/7/18

6 years ago

Darkcloud2669 Wow looks really really good!!! I’m also growing LSD but with hydroponics. Just curious how tall did your plant end up? And did you top it

Buzzoven Thanks Darkcloud2669! One plant is 28” and the other is 22” tall. Had I used vegetative nutrients I’m sure they would have gotten much taller. I don’t anticipate much more height out of them. Since I was only watering them every 8-14 days, I’ll be watering more frequently as they are using more water now. Likely every 3-4 days. I’m sure I could have watered them more frequently but I try to err on the side of safety.

Buzzoven Also, I’ve only done some light defoliation.

Day: 41

6/1/2018- First defoliation. 9 fan leaves in total. Lower nodes now have much more access to the light. New bud sites keep appearing but the main cola is now too tall to train for an even LST canopy. First liquid nutrients. I used a capful of Tiger Bloom in one gallon of R.O. water and fed each plant 1/2 gallon. Hardly any runoff from either plant so they must have been thirsty. Good.

6 years ago

Darkcloud2669 Looks real good. I’m currently growing LSD myself at the moment, using a hydro system . Keep us updated

Day: 33

5/24/18 Plants are growing well. Small buds are starting to form. LST didn’t take so well, but provided plenty of horizontal access to grow lights and developed several new nodes.

6 years ago

Day: 26

5/17/18 Started low-stress training. Removed yellowing lower leaves. Watered about 3/4 gal. R.O. water. Soil was pretty dry

6 years ago

Diesel How is she now pimp??

Day: 25


5/5/18 I installed a 4” 200 cfm fan with exhaust and a 4” carbon scrubber to kill the smell a few days ago. Keeping one passive vent on the grow tent open, plants have grown quicker than ever. R.H. is +/- 40% and temp is 74-79*F. First sets of 3-fingered leaves are yellowing and starting to die of. Totally normal, but pay attention for a nitrogen deficiency. I’m gonna try some low-stress training on them today or tomorrow.

6 years ago

Day: 13


Huge growth. Noticeable by the day. Tents running a bit warm. Most often between 85F-90F.

6 years ago

Day: 12

Plant is thriving. True leaves are coming in. Saturated soil with R.O. Water. Adjusted light to 24” from top of leaves. May 3, 2018

6 years ago

Day: 5

04/26/2018- Completely germinated with first set of true leaves juxtaposed to the cotyledons. Lowered light to 24” w/ VEG and BLOOM turned on. Light will now be on 20/4 cycle. Sprayed the surface of soil and root plug with RO water then added a small layer of soil to help stabilize stem. Added two small fans to tent.

6 years ago

Day: 4

04/24/2018-First sign of growth. Turned light on VEG mode. Once light was on RH went from 80% to 69%. Temp is 68*F. Leaves look brown/yellowish. Light cycle is VEG mode 20/4. Light is about 35” from top of soil.

6 years ago