Double grape x 3bog


Same old same ole fox farm ocean forest medium, 5gal pot, fox farm trio, ph my water, feed light and watch them grow


Day 68 (Week 10)

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Day: 68

Total dry trim harvest two plants of DGx3BOG 154 grams quality smoke under 70 days love it !! Plant one 61 grams plant two 93 grams , smokes amazing

3 years ago

Day: 65

Made it to day 65 lol couldn’t resist it both are down . First one was only 61.7 but quality smoke still have plant two to go and she is the bigger of the two

3 years ago

Day: 63

Jus a couple pics one is the one already cut down

3 years ago

Day: 62

Plant number one trichomes mixed amber/ milky thank you mephisto #mephhead4life#magicbeans

3 years ago

Day: 61

Oh my hard work, three coming out, three going to flower, three just starting .. continually growing all year fingers crossed

3 years ago

Day: 60

Day 60, seed bank says 65-70 days I’m taking plant two early I have one more plant one next week maybe ? Maybe she looks good too

3 years ago

Day: 58


Thick like a snicker. Had it’s last dose of nutes I think. Trichomes are milky with a few amber mixed in but I’d like to go 65-70 days on plant one and plant two a week later

3 years ago

Theable1 Everywhere I’ve looked for Mephisto seeds they’re all sold out where can I get some? From what I’ve seen they always have the fattest return

Theable1 Looking good by the way.

Gandalf Thanks theable1 , I know Mephisto had a huge Black Friday sale sold out almost all there seed online. But around Christmas there was a few strains in stock but those quickly sold out too. Just keep checking back they will restock ASAP I’m sure they are a great company in my opinion

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Day: 54

Plant #2

3 years ago

Day: 53

Chugging along nicely

3 years ago

Day: 50

Just bc it was day 50

3 years ago

Day: 48

Things going great . Light on the nutes ph my tap water

3 years ago

Day: 40

40 days to go

3 years ago

Day: 38

Packing on weight finally

3 years ago

Day: 37

Girls are flowering Nicley

3 years ago

Day: 26

Feed nutes once a week then oh water as needed

3 years ago

Day: 16

2 weeks in water ph 6.5 nothing else

3 years ago

Day: 8

Girls look good for their age

3 years ago

Day: 3

Pics for looks

3 years ago